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Space News Update August 2019 – Exoplanets with TESS & Hubble

Rhiannon Williams 2019-08-10

This time spacefans, we’re all about exoplanets as TESS has its first birthday. TESS FINDS SEVERAL NEW WORLDS The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite is celebrating its first year in operation in style by finding several new planets in different systems….

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Space News Update July 2019—Titan, Tess, and 50 Years

Rhiannon Williams 2019-07-20

Happy Anniversary, spacefans! This time, we have a new mission to Titan, Tess finds tiny exoplanet and NASA celebrates 50 years since we first went to the Moon, DRAGONFLY MISSION TO TITAN ANNOUCED BY NASA TO SEARCH FOR LIFE Called…

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Space News Update August 2018: Lake on Mars, and Space Telescopes

Rhiannon Williams 2018-08-04

It’s been another busy month spacefans. After last month’s revelations around Enceladus, which never fails to entertain, Mars has of course provide even more fun news and where the heck is our new space telescope? SUBSURFACE LAKE DISCOVERED ON MARS…