11 Eve Online

The Tower of Legends Falls

Elthar Nox 2021-08-13

The PAPI Keepstar in T5ZI-S, “The Tower of Legends” lies in ruin, much like their plans to remove the Imperium from EVE Online. At 01:30 on the 13th of August, the Keepstar which was the focal point of the PAPI…

8 Propaganda

Battle Report: A “Humanitarian” Effort in T5ZI-S

Osir1s 2021-08-01

A Memorable Fleet On July 29th, a ping came across the Goonswarm Federation from Asher Elias. The ping read “A very important fleet.” By the hundreds, Goonswarm pilots answered the call. A star-studded cast of participants joined, including Jay Amazingness,…