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To Wish Upon A Wyvern: The Story of a Newbee in a Super

Rauski Koraka 2017-05-12

Blink and you would have missed it. At 23:30 Eve time on May 7 a Goonswarm Federation Wyvern belonging to Amy Winthrop of the corporation Ascendance was downed in the lowsec region of Everyshore by Shadow Cartel. only fourteen minutes after…

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Brawl in Costolle Claims Over 180 Billion ISK

TMC Archives 2015-08-05

In Verge Vendor on August 5 at 20:16 in Costolle, Snuffed Out and That Escalated Quickly engaged Shadow Cartel, Dead Terrorists, and Cynosural Field Theory over high-value moon owned by Shadow Cartel. Shadow Cartel succeeded in both saving their moon,…

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Brawl In Barleguet Claims 63 Billion

Submission 2015-07-27

In Placid on July 26, 2015 at 16:45 in Barleguet, Snuffed Out, and their nominal allies in Project.Mayhem, engaged a combined fleet of Shadow Cartel, Dead Terrorists, and Cynosural Field Theory over a Shadow Cartel R64 moon. While Shadow Cartel did manage to…

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Submission 2015-05-12

A Gallente Militia Erebus worth at least 108 billion ISK met its doom Saturday in Ostingele at the hands of the infamous Shadow Cartel. It was flown by Meequals ChucksALT, who as the name suggests was an alt of MrChuckNorris…