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The Outer Worlds Review – Not Quite As Full As I’d Like

Chase Gamwell 2020-02-02

Nothing tickles my fancy like a good science fiction story, so I was elated when The Outer Worlds was announced last year. And my excitement grew when Microsoft revealed it would be included in the Xbox Game Pass for PC…

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Game Review: Prowlers and Paragons

Romulus Loches 2017-09-20

The world of tabletop gaming is largely overshadowed by the classic Dungeons and Dragons. With this comes the idea and stigma of enthusiastic nerds playing a game with overly complicated rules.  Coincidentally, this same stereotype can be applied to Eve…

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EVE can be boring: Multigaming

Vulxanis Viceroy 2017-01-27

Eve Online is one of the most interesting and simultaneously boring games in the world. The same game that produces the heart-pounding experience of a pack of ravenous wolves chasing you, can also produce the feeling you get studying for…

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Grimoire – Tales of Wizardry and Intrigue

Riley 2016-09-01

Tabletop roleplaying games as we know them have been around in various forms for well over 40 years. While they lack the mass-marketable appeal of a new major video game release, they have captured the imagination of generations of gamers….

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Riley 2016-08-18

Late last week, I had the fantastic opportunity to interview David Reid, formerly CCP Pokethuhlu and now founder of MetaArcade. Over an hour of lively discussion, we went over the key facts about MetaArcade, the upcoming Tunnels & Trolls adaptation,…

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CERES Review

TMC Archives 2015-10-16

CERES opens up with an interesting description of the future. Our solar system has been twisted beyond recognition by a malfunctioning stargate. “Man, monsters, and machine-gods fight for survival,” while alien lifeforms and the ashes of dying worlds are sucked…