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I Told You So

Undeadenemy 2021-07-14

Regular readers of INN may have seen some of the articles I wrote in the past covering the state of the game, and the types of changes it needed to see in order to avoid the catastrophic changes CCP has…

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Redistribution Throws Bad Money After Bad

Undeadenemy 2020-10-02

Art by Quendan Comari. (Editor’s Note: This article is the first in a multi-part series that describes the true problems with EVE’s gameplay loop and disputes the notion that forced-scarcity is a viable solution. Part one explains why nerfing resource…

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Eve Online: Some Radical Ideas

Moomin Amatin 2018-12-06

Historically, there has been a steady flow of “ideas” to improve Eve Online. Some are not completely terrible, but these are probably outnumbered by the less good ideas. Often the ideas are put forward to address the perception of an…

31 Eve Online

The Outrage Over Jump Gates

kcolor 2018-10-28

“I hate the direction Eve is going, I miss the good old days when capitals and supercaps didn’t blob everything and counter subcaps completely.” This is a complaint I keep seeing on Reddit. My response is: “What game were you…

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17 Legacy Rorquals down, Mistakes were made

mistwarden 2018-05-27

17 Rorquals along with a single fax and sub-capital support were destroyed today in what appears to be e-peen waving gone wrong. The slaughter happened in the GZ1-AI system in Impass, owned by Requiem Eternal. The Rorquals belonged to two players,…

14 A Rorqual in EVE Online Eve Online

The War on Rorquals

Romulus Loches 2017-12-10

Since the Ascension patch that brought about the changes to Rorquals, the ships have become overwhelmingly popular. It is a great way to pull in large sums of ISK in the form of ore, even more so with the moon…

27 Eve Online

Co2 Has Donated 300b ISK to Scooter and the Boys over at Sundering

Jack 2017-08-20

Another heist by The Imperium’s scamming experts over at Sundering has liberated 300 billion ISK worth of assets from CO2.  An anonymous Imperium operative has made off with 16 fully fitted Rorquals, along with an amazing 38,321 PLEX to reach the grand-total,…

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More Rorqual and Nullsec Mining Anomaly Nerfs on the Horizon

Erick Asmock 2017-06-02

CCP Fozzie opens up the [June] Nullsec Asteroid Cluster and Excavator Drone Changes forums post with this quote: “We continue to keep a close eye on the impacts of the changes to mining ships that have been made over the…

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PL dreadbomb: 350b destroyed in Delve

Mischa Gau'ss Tesla 2017-04-28

Around downtime today, Pandemic Legion dreadbombed rorquals belonging to Gaara’s Sniper (who donated the original D-W Keepstar after finding a trillion in loose change in his sofa) in Delve. When the dust settled, at least 34 Rorqual wrecks were floating in space. Along…

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BREAKING: 14 KF Rorquals Killed in PL Dreadbomb

Arrendis 2017-04-15

As many as fourteen (14) Rorquals are reported to have been destroyed in a single Pandemic Legion dreadbomb in western Querious. Zkill currently shows nine (9) of the killmails, along with the losses of a Minokawa, Nidhoggur, and Thanatos that may…