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The Imperium Welcomes Ranger Regiment as Trial Members

Arrendis 2020-02-16

Ranger Regiment has joined the Imperium. In a post of the same title on the official Goonfleet forums, Goonswarm alliance CEO and Imperium autocrat the Mittani announced the move and extended the coalition’s hand in friendship. “I would like to…

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Brave Collective Faces Further Internal Drama

TMC Archives 2015-06-24

Brave Newbies, the new player friendly organization that prides itself in allowing people who’ve just begun playing EVE to experience Nullsec life, has been facing something of an internal crisis as of late. Miscommunication and poor decision making has, over…

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74: Stupid CSM Tricks

TMC Archives 2012-01-12

The election cycle for the seventh Council of Stellar Management, EVE’s democratically-elected player advocacy group, is about to begin. A brief history of the CSM: CSMs 1-4 were essentially powerless, but laid the groundwork for CSM5 to have the power…