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The Community Was EVE: A Four-Year Retrospective

Dirk Stetille 2022-05-06

In recent weeks, CCP Games has been mired in controversy, after controversy, after controversy, in the run up to EVE Online’s first Fanfest event in four years. I’m talking, of course, about selling in-game ships for real money with no…

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How Being Risk-Averse Breaks EVE Online

Sothrasil 2018-01-21

Eve is a very complicated system, and the tiniest change can lead to great effects, but it can also be slow to react. Yes, I am going to make a point about Interceptors, how their inherent nullification is breaking the…

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EVE Online’s August Monthly Economic Report Analysis

Erick Asmock 2017-09-16

The August Monthly Economic Report was released last weekend and it still says Goons made more ISK than that nice lady who won in the Powerball Jackpot a few weeks ago. The call to arms was announced and the Imperium went…

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Submission 2015-10-04

Editor’s Note: This column represents the opinions of the author, and not those of TMC. CCP has slipped a fair bit of interesting content regarding mobility into its roadmap for the near and semi-far future. I’m still not entirely sure…

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Opinionated Analysis: The Future Iterations of Fozziesov

Submission 2015-09-13

Longtime readers of the Opinionated Analysis series will be well aware that this column has kept a fairly watchful eye on every aspect of Fozziesov, addressing everything from the principles behind the changes, to minor details and their implications. As…