Jita Riots

9 Analysis

From Extraction To Exasperation

Aneu 2021-11-14

A Fraught Year Over the last year or so, Eve Online has been through a tumultuous time. With the largest war to date having begun and concluded. During this time, CCP attempted to intervene in the game with content such…

9 Breaking News

Breaking News – Jita 4-4 Protest

Rhivre 2021-11-13

On November 13 a protest broke out in Jita at the monument by the 4-4 station. This protest was prompted by the devblog released November 12 titled From Extraction to Production although tensions had been rising in the playerbase for…

0 Sins of a Solar Spymaster

63: Delivering Disaster

TMC Archives 2011-06-22

June has been a cruel month to CCP. In the sprint to push out Incarna – the controversial ‘Walking In Stations’ expansion – on June 21st, no less than four significant scandals have taken place over the course of a…