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INIT. Interview: Sister Bliss and Faltzs

Omar_al-Nakrar 2017-08-09

INN took some time to sit down with Sister Bliss, leader of The Initiative. (INIT), and Faltzs, an INIT Alliance Tournament team member, after a fleet op to chat about the recent triumphs of INIT in EVE Online. Spring Break is…

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A Rapid Descent Into Disorder

Sister Bliss 2016-12-11

“Supers on field, supers on field!” The words resounded, and like a battle cry they echoed through the Mumble channel. A cyno was lit and the titan pilot activated the jump portal array; the Machariel fleet leaping through space into…

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NSH Capital Fleet Annihilated By Initiative

Anschau 2016-08-15

Russian alliance NullSechnaya Sholupen (NSH) lost a capital fleet to an Initative (INIT) ambush early Sunday. The fight occurred between 15:00 and 16:00 EVE time in nullsec region Great Wildlands around a moon in 504Z-V. NSH launched an attack on the moon’s tower with…