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Two Wars in One: Fighting the Great Western War

Quendan 2018-07-18

The Great Western War between wartime allies Imperial Legacy and the rest of EVE is about to begin in earnest. The battle of DW-, the location of CO2’s staging Keepstar looms as the system’s iHub timer is about to be…

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Elite Dangerous update to bring fighters, passengers, new ships

Quendan 2016-10-24

Owners of Elite: Dangerous Horizons will get access to space tourism, this Tuesday, October 25. This is but one of the features of the Guardians 2.2 update. Those who have not bought the update still get patch 1.7 that brings some much-needed…

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The Guardians Move East to Tenerifis

TMC Archives 2015-03-08

The coalition lead by CSM member Sort Dragon, Guardians of the Galaxy, has begun its move from Querious to Tenerifis and Immensea. Under some pressure from incoming alliances Pandemic Legion, Pandemic Horde, and Northern Army, the Guardians coalition negotiated safe…