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Battleships Get Frigate Escape Bays

Jin'taan 2020-02-21

CCP announced February 20th the introduction of Frigate Escape Bays for Battleships. CCP Dopamine posted a dev-blog announcing the change, due in March, which will allow all Battleships (T1, Navy and Faction) and potentially T2 variants such as Black Ops…

2 Eve Online

Rumble in Delve: 50 vs. 50 FC Tournament Rapidly Approaches

Johnny Crowe 2018-04-13

Header art by AnuranonthecoucH The Tournament April 14 and 15 marks the dates for the inaugural Imperium FC tournament. 8 teams led by 8 different FC’s will compete for love and admiration as well as bragging rights around Delve. Familiar…

4 Devblog

Devblog: Changes to the Fleet Fight Notification System

mistwarden 2018-01-22

There have been a few changes over the last week which have manifested from the CSM summit taking place at CCP HQ in Reykjavik, Iceland. The latest of these changes is an update to the fleet fight notification systems, a…