Delta Sqad

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Delta’s Saga, Part IV

Ganthrithor 2021-04-23

Welcome back, dear readers. First, I must apologize sincerely for the lateness of this release: COVID-scares and the banal commitments of everyday life have had their way with the creative process. Nonetheless history does not write itself, so the fires…

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The Saga of Delta Sqad: Part III

Ganthrithor 2021-03-20

Welcome back, dear readers. We now return to the Saga of Delta Sqad as the men of Delta face a new existential threat in the form of their much larger and better-equipped neighbors, Severance. As we shall see, despite being…

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The Saga of Delta Sqad: Part II

Ganthrithor 2021-03-11

Welcome back, dear readers. In the previous installment of the Goonswarm classic, The Saga of Delta Sqad, we were introduced to the men of Delta and regaled with an account of the earliest days of their settlement in the region…

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The Saga of Delta Sqad: Part I

Ganthrithor 2021-03-03

Delta’s Saga Hello again, spacefriends. It is I, Ganthrithor. I’m sure you have all heard of momentous recent EVE events such as: Some battles over a ratting citadel Some titans died Also a lot of dreadnoughts, I guess Gaming’s biggest…