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Leadership and the Capsuleer

Rasa Greywalker 2021-04-27

Recently I spent some time reading the book Better than Carrots or Sticks: Restorative Practices for Classroom Management by Dominique Smith et al. As a teacher and an EVE player, I found it a very interesting read and I wholeheartedly…

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New Eden phenomenon: Mozg888vadim

Johnny Crowe 2018-03-25

“Thank you all for the support, and watching my streams, and bee happy!”—Vadim Like so many others in New Eden, few around the campfire had ever heard the name Vadim Kheruvimov. Saturday Night Swarm was up to their usual mischief when…

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Hitting the Mark without a Target

Kael Decadence 2017-03-07

Failure to Launch Over the past few months, I have been racking my brain trying to write this article regarding demographics and how to target a specific genre of gamers or interest people that might play EVE Online. More importantly,…

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The Two Trillion ISK Eve Shark Tank

Andrew Sturgis 2016-01-09

The way a player leaves a game says a lot about them. Some players have left the game in a blaze of glory and expensive ships, others have departed after selling all their assets, and most just leave the game…

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Fans Raise Hundreds for CCPizza

Riley 2015-09-25

This year alone, tens of thousands of dollars were raised during a PLEX for Good drive. A titan was sacrificed for a leukemia charity. Members of the then-CFC came together to support a comrade through his cancer treatment. The EVE…

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75: The EVE-Born

TMC Archives 2012-02-22

Goonswarm has been a fact of life in New Eden since late 2005. Yet despite being a fixture in galactic politics and infamous for griefing and scamming, the average EVE player doesn’t understand who ‘goons’ are, or what motivates them….