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BlackOps are for Killers: CCP Should Double Down

Undeadenemy 2021-07-01

I recently gave the new BlackOps changes a whirl on Singularity, and I have to say, I really like where CCP is going with this. These changes show the Killer player-type some much needed love in a game that once…

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BLOPS, CovOps Changes Now Live

Gwailar 2021-06-22

After just more than a week of testing on Singularity, the Black Ops and Covert Ops changes announced by CCP on June 11 have been made live on Tranquility this morning. A buff to the “chain lightning” Vortron projector weapons…

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Changes to CovOps, Black Ops Live on Singularity

Gwailar 2021-06-11

CCP announced today a sweeping series of changes to Black Ops and Covert Ops ships designed to improve the distinctiveness and usefulness of these hulls. These changes are currently available for testing on Singularity. Black Ops: More than a Covert…

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Submission 2014-09-28

A peaceful ratter sits in a site deep in sovereignty nullsec. He’s been happily ratting for quite some time, with the wrecks of quarry surrounding him. Local chat moves; a new person in system. The ratter, oblivious, hardly bats an eye….