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Battleships Are Back!

Elthar Nox 2022-02-16

CCP announced the Road to Fanfest 2022 Update during a live twitch event with CCP Rattati, CCP Burger, CCP Swift and Carneros. The hour long stream covered a variety of topics gradually building up to announcements on battleships, compression, reversal…

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The Bomber and The Battleship

Elthar Nox 2021-06-23

Recent industry changes have thrown another roadblock in the way of the battleship, and with bombers making the headlines, INN asks: “What can we do to bring battleships back onto the frontlines?” A normal T1 battleship is currently costing about…

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Battleships Get Frigate Escape Bays

Jin'taan 2020-02-21

CCP announced February 20th the introduction of Frigate Escape Bays for Battleships. CCP Dopamine posted a dev-blog announcing the change, due in March, which will allow all Battleships (T1, Navy and Faction) and potentially T2 variants such as Black Ops…

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48: New Trends in Nullsec Wars

TMC Archives 2010-07-14

We live in interesting times in New Eden; the metagame of nullsec is changing, and I don’t just mean in espionage. These are a number of long-term gameplay adjustments that are only now becoming obvious, and they will impact everyone…