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Imperium Atlas Reactor Team – Prep Phase Championships

Rhivre 2017-07-16

We have previously written about the Imperium Atlas Reactor EU team and their success in the Prep Phase League. ¬†This weekend (July 15-16) they are taking part in the World Championships for the league, where the top 4 North American…

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Imperium Atlas Reactor Team Is On A Roll In Prep Phase League!

Macky Avelli 2017-06-19

Let’s take a moment away from the Imperium winning at Eve to look at the Imperium winning in another game: Atlas Reactor.¬† Atlas Reactor is most simply described as turn based team arena PvP. Simple, right? Not at all. “Turn…

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My First Day in Atlas Reactor

FroggyStorm 2017-03-16

Last month, I wrote about a victory by the Imperium’s Atlas Reactor squad. At the time I had really planned to get some time together and not only install the game, but do a “lancer’s first day” perspective. As so…

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Imperium Atlas Reactor Crew Wins Silver

FroggyStorm 2017-02-12

Members of the Imperium gaming community rejoiced to learn that our Euro-based Atlas Reactor squad had landed in the money, with a second place finish in ESL’s “Go4AtlasReactor” tourney on February 9. While the purse was small when compared to…

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The Imperium in Atlas Reactor: For Fun and Profit

Gommel Nox 2016-12-21

It’s no lie that I’m a big Atlas Reactor fan. Several articles and dozens of Twitch streams are testament to the fact that I have fallen for this game, and fallen hard. After that first match in late alpha, I…

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Gommel Nox 2016-05-25

  Atlas Reactor, Trion’s turn-based, team-oriented action MMO is already receiving a lot of attention from the gaming community. Its turn-based approach not only levels the playing field so that success is no longer defined by click speed, its set…