Anger Games II

3 Eve Online

Razorien’s Eye: The Anger Games II

David Matterall 2017-05-07

EVE is a great looking game. CCP’s art department keeps the spaceships and environments looking current and beautiful. It is hard to imagine EVE looking any better than it does but then there is a player named Razorien, of Signal…

6 Eve Online

Anger Games 2 – Highlights of the final weekend

Rhivre 2017-05-03

This weekend saw the final weekend of the second Anger Games tournament, with both days having high-quality matches, upsets, entertaining commentary, and surprise guests. Watch live video from ImperiumNews on Elise Randolph made an appearance again on the Eve…

4 Eve Online

The Anger Games Starts this Saturday

Moomin Amatin 2017-04-21

Get your game on! Your Anger Game! That’s right folks, after the amazing success that was the first Anger Games they are back for another one. And this time is it Bigger and Better! With 14 teams now competing and…