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BRAVE: We’re In Delve Now

Robert Miller 2020-10-26

Brave Collective’s Dunk Dinkle posted a “Not a SOTA” state of the alliance video over the weekend in which he asked his members to stop name calling and shitposting, move their stuff to YZ9, expect the war to go on…

13 Eve Online

The Third Strike: The Battle of 319-3D

Gray Doc 2020-10-14

On Sunday, Oct. 11, 2020, the Imperium coalition successfully attacked and destroyed a Keepstar, the third such Keepstar to be destroyed in Delve within a week. The attackers consisted of the largest coalition ever to come together in New Eden,…

6 Eve Online

World War Bee: Week 12

Ban Syrin 2020-09-28

Week 12 of World War Bee was down some in terms of raw fights from the previous week, but all of the fights that did go down were much bigger on average. Action in Querious just about dominated all of…