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A Tale of Two Keepstars: Time to Change the Meta

Astinos Zexos 2018-01-27

Setting the Scene A Keepstar under siege. Attacking forces muster their carriers a few thousand kilometers away, launch fighters, and bridge sub-capitals close in to apply damage. The defending fleets tether their carriers to the besieged citadel and launch fighters…

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The Million Dollar Fight That Wasn’t

Arrendis 2018-01-25

Well, another milestone has come and gone. January 23, 2018 (or, YC 120 if you prefer the CONCORD date). The Battle of 9-4RP2. It was going to join Asakai, B-R5RB, 6VDT, and M-OEEB in the annals of Capsuleer Military History….

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Liveblog – 9-4RP2 Final Timer

Rhivre 2018-01-23

Good evening and welcome to the liveblog for the final timer at 9-4RP2. This is the hull timer on the Pandemic Horde Keepstar that Imperium put into reinforced last week. Any terrible English tonight is to be blamed on the…

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9-4RP2: Final timer tonight

Rhivre 2018-01-23

January 23 around 2220 UTC, the 9-4RP2 keepstar comes into hull timer. The initial attack last Monday led to an armour timer on Tuesday, which was unsuccessful due to NC. suiciding three titans into the Imperium fleet.¬† Once the Keepstar…

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The Little Aeon that Could

mistwarden 2018-01-22

Sometimes, everything goes to plan. Sometimes you find yourself inside a supercarrier sat in front of an operational hostile Keepstar. On January 17, in true Goon fashion, the latter happened. For those who were not present, an Aeon found itself…

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A Bigger Boat

David Matterall 2018-01-21

One of my favorite moments in film is the famous¬†jump-scare in “Jaws:” Brodi chums the waters to attract the eponymous man-eating shark, but when the beast peeps its head out the water, the tables are turned – the hunter becomes…