Supercapital Slag in Impass


Eight supercarriers belonging to Brave Collective, Drone Walkers, and Requiem Eternal have been destroyed in Impass, along with several carriers and dreadnoughts.

The incident began when Inner Hell tackled a Drone Walkers Rorqual mining in DDI-B7. Legacy Voltron forces in Impass assembled a gang of supercarriers to drive off the Inner Hell Lokis. With but a single force auxiliary ship in support, the supercaps were easy prey for the escalating dreadbomb from Skill Urself and Scourge. Approximately 60 dreadnoughts, with additional carrier and force auxiliary support laid waste to the legacy supers.

A popular comment on the related Reddit thread likens the fight more to one of a gank rather than a true battle, as Legacy’s response appears to have been poorly coordinated. This statement is backed by the lack of force auxiliaries and haphazard composition of fits on the supercarriers used.

Skillu/Scourge dreadnoughts are reported to have extracted safely before the Test supercapital hammer arrived.

A battle report can be viewed here.

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  • Guilford Australis

    It’s hard not to imagine that Legacy’s dependence on shield caps/supers contributed to the radical lopsidedness of this fight. It doesn’t take a lot of neut pressure to cap out a Hel to the point that a handful of Dreads can waste it in two or three minutes. Sure, even armor supercapitals would have been on the ropes against 60 Dreads without adequate Force Auxiliary, but this fleet died so quickly that it failed to kill a single Dreadnought and backup arrived too late to save even one of them.

    January 31, 2019 at 5:50 PM