State of the Best Squad: Welp Squad November 2017 Edition


An apology to the readers

My report for November is a little delayed. There are reasons; trying to balance work, basketball, EvE and my social life can be fun. On top of that I now have a new apartment to buy furniture for. Now to the juicy stuff.

November Action

VFK by Christmas

Welp Squad action took a deviation from the expected this month. Having declared “VFK by Christmas” at Evesterdam under the drunken influence of Havish Montak, the real terms logistics of such an undertaking became clear. The idea failed at the first hurdle, the vulnerability timers were set at a time that the FCs of Welp Squad couldn’t handle. Now time for the spin…. Let’s have a look at what was achieved:

  1. Pandemic Horde has retreated back into the C4C-Z4 ratting pocket. The continued harassment by Imperium forces has resulted in large swathes of Pure Blind, Fade and Deklein becoming a ghost town. The deployment by Welp Squad into the regions was the final straw. With US and AU time zones under constant threat and Welp Squad taking the EU time zone reigns the pressure was 24/7 causing the hostiles to withdraw into their last stronghold.
  2. Guardians of the Galaxy came running home. Welp Squad shouted loudly and GOTG undeployed from their offensive against the DRF coalition to defend the ravaged ratters and miners. But to cease an assault on the DRF and not face repercussions is very unlikely leaving one to wonder how much GOTG had to pay to get away with not been counterattacked.
  3. We are still deployed and ready to pounce at the first sign of weakness presented, this leaves the enemy knowing that they must attack the Imperium or face being shot from behind if they go anywhere else… I smell a war coming and about damn time.

In conclusion, maybe we will take VFK, but it won’t be this Christmas.

Clavo and the kill squad

A band of merry men based in X-7OMU have been having a glorious time. Killmails rolling in left, right and center. Gangs of between 10 and 20 Welp Squad pilots have been causing havoc in behind Pandemic Horde lines. Take a look at Clavo’s killboard:

The idea of this deployment is to experience small gang warfare and slaughter the unsuspecting ratters and miners that aren’t paying attention. This seems to be going well.

Whaling Fleets

Welp Squad still reaches through wormholes into the deep unknown to catch the unsuspecting miners and ratters and turn their ships into smouldering wrecks. Take a look at some of the exploits of November:

Still, we never seem to find the Holy grail of Rorquals, the ones without PANIC modules or tank…. one day that may change.

State of the Welp Squad


Welp Squad is looking to cause more carnage in the galaxy and if you have any ideas I am interested. Contact Havish Montak directly.


Welp Squad is always open for recruitment. We aim to fly alpha and newbro friendly ships and teach you combat on the fly. Prepare for fun and plenty of kills. If you want to FC, hunt, scout or have intel for Welp Squad Leadership contact Havish Montak, Stevinz or Clavo Oxidado to get the space red tape sorted.

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