Dev Blog: Updates to the agency journal and agent finder

mistwarden 2017-12-22

On  December 21, CCP released a Devblog on updates due in January. Coming early next year players can expect to see significant changes for the following menus:

  • The agency
  • Journal
  • Agent finder

Updates for the agency window

The agency is a window which offers player guidance to help find Eve’s PVE content, from mining, missions, special events and resource wars. The upcoming update looks to expand the amount of content include within the agency.

Faction Warfare

This allows for faction warfare (FW) and incursion information to be included within the agency window in frames which helps present the information to the player in an easy to understand format.

Epic Arcs

The Epic arcs contain a number of different forks within the story, which at times can be hard to keep track of. The update looks to provide a more visual display of the player’s progress, as well as showing how far they are from the next chapter.

Personally, I welcome this update to the agency, as it helps point players towards content that they may not have previously experienced.


The final part of the blog covers updates to the journal. In the January update, the journal will see changes to how much information it contains. Most of it will be moved over into the agency. As always, CCP are looking for feedback and currently these changes can be found live on the test server SiSi. CCP has also asked for more information from users, they want to gain an understating on what players are really using the journal for.

On one hand they don’t want to mess with the journal and remove features which players use. On the other hand, they want to improve the journal, making it a better user experience. One of the main areas of interest is the LP log. Do you only use them for checking how many LP you have? If so, drop them a comment on the official forums. Give them feedback on whether you use the LP logs and the journal and in what way you use it.

While writing this brief summary CCP released their latest in development video for December.

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  • DragonZer0

    Something something make highsec easier. Besides me anyone else miss “The Scope” videos?

    December 23, 2017 at 10:36 pm
    • Carvj94 DragonZer0

      The Scope videos were great.

      December 25, 2017 at 6:34 am
  • Freelancer117

    Does this mean the Sansha story gets another chapter ?

    December 27, 2017 at 12:32 am