State of the Best Squad: Welp Squad June Edition


Welp Squad Claims More Capitals

Having been successfully introduced into the Imperium, Welp Squad continues its momentum, with Clavo Oxidado leading the big-game hunting. This week started with the tackle of a Pandemic Horde Orca by HappyShopper123. Its demise followed close behind. A Hurricane fleet formed to respond, but Welp Squad slipped into the safety of a wormhole. That was only the start of the week’s escapades.

The newest FC star of Welp Squad, Happyshopper123, snagged another couple of big kills. Deciding to roam into Pandemic Horde’s ratting territory, he couldn’t find any juicy targets—Either they are learning or they’re scared. Who knows? We don’t care either, as their Vexor Navy Issue’s continue to pad our killboards. To find big targets, he took a fleet into CO2 territory, finding a freighter that required aid. Welp Squad obliged and returned the pilot home in style.

HappyShopper123, once again leading interceptors into the heart of the maw, came out with a carrier killmail. I cannot tell you if he is that skilled or that lucky, but what I can say is that his killboard is green. There’s not much more to say to that. Co2 responded with a rage-form that undocked when we were already safe, back in Delve.

The next kill is Welp Squad’s white whale. Welp Squad has tackled many Rorquals and welped in an attempt to kill them. The usual response has been a Hurricane fleet with meagre capital or super capital support. Enough to drive off our small cruiser fleets, if not very impressive. This time it was Welp Squad’s day. With tackle established on two Rorquals, and cyno inhibitors down, the targets were forced to PANIC. Welp Squad maintained hold of the grid, knowing a response fleet was forming. The first Rorqual went down, and the fleet moved to engage the second as it made it out of the cyno inhibitor range. Up went the cyno, and a pair of Apostles with Machariel support joined the field. Welp Squad managed to grab a Machariel as it extracted to safety. The day was ours.

An unsung Welp Squad FC, Stevinz, took out a Clavo’s Donut Patrol, and was streamed by Gommel Nox. Stevinz managed to bring home the bacon in the shape of a juicy Nestor kill, with a few add-ons. The irony of this is that the Welp Squad fleet engaged on the Keepstar grid, using Panemic Horde’s own gate bubbles to snag their targets.

Welp Squad Doing What It Says On The Tin

Now, we have some of Havish Montak’s escapades to entertain you. Without further ado, here is a beautiful welp. Taking Cheesy fleet into Catch, Havish aggressively engaged a CO2 Hurricane fleet that was light on logistics. After stripping the fleet of its logistics and boosters, Havish turned the attention of the fleet to the hostile Hurricanes. At that moment the TEST alliance lit a cyno, dropping triage and Feroxes to support CO2. Now unable to break the enemy repair cycles, Havish called for all ships to retreat to the gate, some 20 km away, and extract. Needless to say, the word welp applies for this one as the fleet was bubbled.

To wrap up the month, Havish took a Moa roam out, and now Welp Squad can account for its second Rorqual kill with a side of carrier for dessert. Roaming into Deklein, our favorite tackle guru, HappyShopper123, grabbed a Rorqual. After the kill, moving up the pipe, the fleet became trapped. Darkness had a Rattlesnake fleet and Chaos Theory had Feroxes, neither with probes. Realising that the fleet couldn’t extract, Havish dangled his fleet as a carrot on an ESS. Chaos Theory took the bait, losing their tackle in the process, and opened a hole in the screen that Welp Squad attempted to exploit. Darkness made every attempt at setting up a Titan doomsday for the fleet as it burned for Branch, but failed.

Lo and behold, a carrier warps to an Astrahus, deploys its fighters, locks up our fleet, and oops…It breaks its tether, as expected by Welp Squad. Within seconds, several ships had points on the Thanatos. Watch it explode. The enemy formed up a Harbinger fleet and, seeing little opportunity to get home, the fight was had. Welp Squad ended up being sent home.

Wrap up

Welp Squad is growing at a steady pace and is a very relaxed place to be. There are opportunities to learn how to fly your ships in a calm and laid-back environment. We are looking for hunters, FCs, blops, scouts and booshers. Click here if you would like to know more. Fly dangerous!

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  • Kemal Görkem Armağan

    Got many kills in short time thx to fc…

    July 3, 2017 at 10:47 AM
  • Joe Barbarian

    I’d love to see a post about naming Welp Squad and the battles surrounding that.

    July 3, 2017 at 2:40 PM
  • Eli

    As a member of Welp Squad from long before it got official title, I really enjoy the fast paced action that we are bringing to the enemy. I’m literally killing billions of isk worth of enemy ships every week, making their life hell. Applying the principles of Goonswarm from it’s earliest days, with numbers, makes all the difference and shows we still have what it takes to make our mark on the map of history. The close knit nature of Welp Squad, with all its members highly trained in our tactics and fleet ops, means not a lot can stop us let alone catch us. It’s a fleet comp formed from our lessons out of The Casino War and now it’s been so well refined, we’re deadly!

    July 4, 2017 at 1:53 AM
  • Rob Williams

    Avish you spelled your name wrong.

    July 5, 2017 at 12:09 PM