State of the Best Squad: Welp Squad July 2017 Edition

Havish Montak 2017-08-10

State of the Best Squad: Welp Squad July 2017 Edition

Welp Squad continues to devastate the enemies of the Imperium

Kicking off the month of July, Welp Squad had an outing in Moas. Welp Squad was running from The Culture (-T C-) having tried to break a Rorqual. Our logi were annihilated, but the fleet proceeded to harass Pandemic Horde hoping for a few easy kills. The fleet jumped into the system C4C-Z4 and a Niddhoggur was deploying his fighters whilst gleefully locking up the fleet members. Havish, on the other hand, was broadcasting the bubbles and prepping the interceptors to warp. As soon as the bubble went down, the order was given to Happyshopper to grab point. Within seconds, primary tackle was confirmed and the fleet was in warp to the carrier positioned on the Keepstar at zero. The rest is recorded here for all to see. Apologies for the sound in advance, our cameraman was not ready for this spectacle. Extra credit goes to the Lif that redocked.

Gommel and the Snatch Fleet Roam

Trying out a command destroyer doctrine for the first time, Welp Squad piled through a wormhole and appeared in Vale of the Silent. The hunters managed to snag a Rorqual in the system of T-ZWA1 and kaboom! The fleet then proceeded to patrol Branch and Deklein, reinforce 2 towers, and kill ratters for 4 hours before we welped ourselves against some super supported subcaps. All in all, fun was had.

Happyshopper123 and the cap pilots that just don’t learn

What can I say? Happyshopper123 asked for a backseat, which I gladly provided. Back in T-ZWA1, we grabbed another Rorqual with Moas. The enemy warped in a carrier, and the fleet toasted it. Legion of xXDeathXx (X.I.X) brought Cerberuses, and Happyshopper123 smashed their logistics before hitting their dps hard. Havish was busy requesting reinforcements in the form an INIT snatch fleet that arrived just in the nick of time to tackle the remaining Rorqual and forced the remaining Cerberuses to extract. The reinforcement fleets called from 1dq1 arrived, and grid control was established. The fleets merged and the massacre continued. Heading through Branch, the fleet tackled a couple of carriers and a Fax. They didn’t last long.

So at this point, we have repeated the Rorqual kill in the same system as Gommel’s fleet; but what about this battle report! Some guys are a glutton for punishment. Having tackled the capitals, and being unable to break the repair cycles a support fleet was called. Blades of grass summoned a Harbinger fleet, but were unable to take the grid and were beaten back by Imperium forces. The capitals then suffered their deserved fate. Sometimes we just don’t know how Happy does it.

State of the Welp Squad

The squad has a new doctrine, to be announced upon the return from the deployment. Welp Squad fleets will not be conducted as per the squad rules. There can be no Reddit drama as the enemy need all of the brittle straws they clutch onto to maintain morale, and even isk positive welps will provide that in their time of desperation. All members of Welp Squad are expected to join fleets in the deployment zone, prevent the enemy from ratting or mining, and cause as much carnage as possible. Are you doing your part?

Havish “H” Montak over and out.

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  • Johnny Crowe

    Welp squad fofofofofo!

    August 10, 2017 at 11:16 am
  • Moomin Amatin

    TOP MEN!

    August 10, 2017 at 3:29 pm
  • Uncle Dunk

    I thought it was whelp squad?

    August 10, 2017 at 4:52 pm