State of the Best Squad: Welp Squad August 2017 Edition


The Deployment and the thoughts of Havish

As the members of Welp Squad are aware, Welp Squad does not operate during times of war or deployment. That does not mean that the FCs sit on their hands and do nothing. From the get-go, the aim of the deployment was to burn a soft underbelly of renters and PanFam assets. Test was engaged in Branch and Deklein keeping Darkness and Blades of Grass occupied and The Initiative was taking Syndicate and pulverising NCdot. Unfortunately, the sheer amount of panic caused by the Imperium deployment caused PanFam to sacrifice all of their fringe regions and consolidate their forces in Tribute. The deployment objectives were now void. Needless to say, the Imperium cannot ask all of its line members to deploy and then un-deploy with no action or content. The FCs of Welp Squad proceeded to kill rorquals, carriers and dreadnoughts with no quarter given. When the renters didn’t feel like losing their ships, we bashed their structures in. My favourite was this astrahus knowing that the owner’s research just got reset. The panic as the renters tried to defend the structure was entertaining and the fact that PanFam didn’t turn up to any of the timers was telling.

My personal thoughts on the deployment were that it was great fun when pouncing on unsuspecting victims in the Jackdaw fleets but anything larger than a destroyer would be atomised by a titan doomsday. The fun stopped there. There was no chance of actually meeting the hostiles head on even if we had our Supercapital force present as the enemy outmatched our DPS with Force Auxiliaries. It takes roughly 9 dreadnoughts in siege to break the repair amount of just 1 Force auxiliary. These numbers are just silly. But that is why the strategic damage caused in the deployment was applied by the specialist groups. Ihubs, stations and TCUs were flipped by Fremen and Space Violence. Freighters were ganked by our specialist groups. R64s and R32s being mined by small towers were knocked out with bomber fleets. To add perspective, an R64 moon is the equivalent of 6 billion per month of passive income for an alliance or individual. Knocking these moons out denied PanFam over 1 trillion isk in moon goo. The value, of course, will be disputed but The Initiative still holds Syndicate and its 37 R64s taken from PanFam and that is an undisputed 225 billion per month. The final point to highlight is that when mining “stopped” in Delve, the price of a titan and super shot up 20 % for the PanFam line member. I view the deployment as a success in eroding the ISK capital of the PanFam line members and alliances.

Post Deployment Action

There is no rest for the wicked and sure enough Welp Squad was flying T1 destroyers through hostile space unopposed for hours snagging ratters left and right. A Darkness titan thought he would be clever with an area of effect doomsday and tried to setup a trap using an Onyx. Needless to say, you should never underestimate Welp Squad. Having heard what was going on, Clavo Oxidado ordered Happyshopper to get eyes on the onyx. The idea was to warp in at an angle off the gate and blap the onyx. The titan realised the jig was up and aligned away from the gate. At that point, Welp Squad blew the bugle and charged. With bubbles going up all over the titan in came an apostle and a carrier. Dare I say that the carrier lasted 30 seconds and the Apostle another 2 minutes. Havish Montak was spinning up a reinforcement fleet with haste. Unfortunately, Darkness were able to form a token super force and kill the dictors we had but had to run from the Dragoons. The laughter burst out over comms. But there is more…

Havish, having formed a fleet that was no longer needed, went for a roam. Lightning, in this case, does strike twice, having already killed a carrier on the Pandemic Horde keepstar at 0 in June; Havish went for a repeat performance. The hilarity of the video is only beaten by the fit.

State of the Welp Squad

Welp squad is dealing hurt across New Eden and is continuing to apply pressure to all enemies of the Imperium. The squad is open to members with low skill points in particular and gets you into fights that we can win when outnumbered and outgunned as we always will be. Join the Imperium, service guarantees citizenship. Clavo Oxidado has acquired a puppy and will be providing updates. Welp Squad is also entering the Anger Games and we intend to win. Details are on the forums.

Havish “H” Montak over and out.

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  • Rolfski

    Now if only goons would do a decent job of making Delve look like less of a whale hunting piñata, who knows, their counter-insurgencies into the North might look less irrelevant at some point.

    August 30, 2017 at 9:54 PM
    • Deni'z Von Rolfski

      That’s what I thinking to add
      Unfortunatelly imperium lazy to read alli warnings kept ratting in SC and through their rorqs into the grinder.
      Someone listed the isk losses during deployment was done in Delve by PL.

      And if the real objective was Syndicate I hope INIT would hold that for over the month not less otherwise it’s just isk burn out like KLF did back in 90ths

      August 30, 2017 at 10:39 PM