Earlier this week, Delucian, the chairman of RvB, announced that the long lasting player organization is to cease formal operations for the foreseeable future. TMC has also interviewed the CEO of the Blue Republic on the closure, which you can find near the bottom of this article.


Founded in 2009, RvB quickly became a success and one of the larger coalitions of EVE, being comprised of the two player owned alliances — Red Federation and Blue Republic — currently teetering at just under 7,900 members. RvB gained most of their notoriety for being a PVP playground for individuals looking to hone their skills in battle. In addition to the standard NPSI and other roaming gang affairs, RvB specialized and excelled in content generation for its members by pitting the two alliances against one another in pre-defined PVP encounters.

The coalition also participated in many friendly wars with EVE-Uni, most notably resulting in the 2013 engagement at Aldrat, which remains one of the largest battles in highsec to date. For others, RvB was a place to hang out with friends, learn the ropes of EVE, develop leadership skills in a large player-run organization, and create credentials for your new spy alt.

“After much discussion among the principles within RvB it has been decided that we will cease formal operations. The corporations will remain and members can carry on with typical RvB style fighting as desired. However, leadership and programs will be suspended” said Delucian, who made reference to declining numbers of EVE players seeking RvB as a home, or even playing the game. “Our hat is off to those tireless members who made RvB what it was for so many years. RvB lead the way in Eve creating continual content through the Forever War, events where all of Eve was invited and reaching major milestones both individually and corporately for area based combat.” he continued.

Delucian called for active RvB members to seek other communities throughout EVE, though he said that remaining in RvB is an option, and applications will continue to be processed. While formal operations for RvB are canceled, the RvB forums remain online, and the opportunity exists for new leadership within RvB to rise to the challenge.

The announcement concluded with Delucian saying, “It is with heavy hearts that we make this announcement and hope the best for all of our members. We appreciate the small number of command members and others who have put heart and soul into RvB for so many years.” Shenanigansbus, CEO of Blue Republic also weighed in with their thoughts, saying that the decision to shut the coalition down did not come lightly, and that it was largely due to an inactive command structure.


The EVE community reacted to the news with condolences, laughter, and sadness. Some also expressed disbelief that no new leadership within RvB was apparently ready to take the reins. One conspiracy theory holds that the closure is just an attempt to liquidate coalition assets, but most players have accepted the news.

EVE login numbers are always lower than they could be, new player retention has always been difficult, and bitter vets are going to be bitter. Every organization has a niche. RvB was no different. It thrived providing a unique experience, and despite this setback, RvB or some future successor may fill that niche again in time.


TMC sat down with Shenaniganbus, the CEO of Blue Republic, for a few quick words. 

TMC:  So why now? Was this a decision talked amongst leadership for some time?

ShenanigansBus: The thought of actually shutting it down was something that only recently was even considered. What it really came down to was that we’ve been on a decline for some time. We’re finally at that point where the effort of maintaining a large support/admin structure is no longer worth it for the small return in activity.

The burden itself was being carried by a smaller and smaller group of people, which did not help. We were actually in the process of examining just about every other option available, from condensing into one corporation/alliance, joining faction warfare, going to null, back to the Jita area and a few others. Every option required a mountain of effort that there were too few of us capable of doing to be worth considering.

TMC: Do you see individuals in RvB reinvigorating the leadership structure in the future? Or is this a done deal?

SB: We’re intending to leave the corporations open with some minimal roles available to give people the opportunity to step up and truly lead. That last part is the important bit. We have a lot of capable people, several of which are staying behind to try their best. They have a chance, but more people are going to need to step up. It can’t be carried by two people. and someone is going to have to assume full responsibility. Many have offered partial support, but I haven’t seen anyone willing to fully commit to hold it up when others falter. I truly believe that the organization can survive and flourish again, but it will require a lot more people to contribute. The ball is in their court and I will be cheering for them.

TMC: Do you see yourself continuing in EVE in some new capacity?

SB: Absolutely! I’ve spent almost my entire EVE career in RvB. Did a few stints in lowsec and null with various organizations and had lots of fun. I will be focusing heavily on small gang and solo PvP in low and null for the near future. Long term? who knows. I love FC’ing and EVE always needs more FCs.With any luck, I’ll get slaughtered by a RvB fleet roaming around in Blackrise.

TMC: Haha, I’m sure that would make you mighty proud. Well thanks for taking the time to speak with us. Any last comments for the readers?

SB: If you love what your organization does for you, then every once in a while actively seek out a way to help out. Every little bit means a lot to someone who works almost every day to provide and/or enable content. There are some behind the scenes guys in RvB that I’d like to thank: Lady, Ophelia, Rogue, Miri, Charles, Steel, Hormone, Nitro, Rooney, Joesph, Jasper, Scyleth, Scummy, Tim and all the others that I can’t name that contributed so much over the years. People like them made RvB great and could do it again.

TMC has reached out to Delucian for comment.

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