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CCP Falcon Announces Shutdown of Dust 514 Forums

CaseyLP 2017-09-26

Earlier today, CCP Falcon announced that the Dust 514 forums would be shut down permanently on September 29th, 2017, saying: Good afternoon Mercs, As part of our roadmap to overhaul the web presence for our titles, we’ve come to the…

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EVElopedia Shutting Down

TMC Archives 2016-02-28

When some things upgrade, others must go. So true is this for the CCP-sponsored EVE online wiki, EVElopedia, that will be seeing its last day on February 29 at 0900 UTC after extended downtime. “After careful consideration whilst planning upgrades…

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Anehii 2015-10-28

Earlier this week, Delucian, the chairman of RvB, announced that the long lasting player organization is to cease formal operations for the foreseeable future. TMC has also interviewed the CEO of the Blue Republic on the closure, which you can find…