PSA – Post Downtime Issues Dec. 3rd


After scheduled downtime today at 1100 UTC, TQ is inaccessible for the majority of players.
CCP have posted that the cause is issues with the SSO servers, and as of 1155 UTC they are still working on the issue.

SSO Issues

This comes after several days of launcher issues, and is also accompanied by issues on the forums, where threads are not loading correctly.

We will keep you updated on the server status. In the meantime, here is an appropriate RMT Records song.

UPDATE: 1215 UTC – CCP Falcon has reported that investigations are ongoing.

UPDATE: 1235 UTC – It seems like the launcher may be working again, but no official word from CCP yet.

UPDATE: 1240 UTC – CCP Falcon has posted that the issues should now be resolved. Ratting and mining may now commence once again.

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