Perimeter Trade War Escalating


Fighting in the perimeter system between TEST and PH/NC. has escalated today with another full-scale assault on the Tranquility Trading Tower. The structure is the first Keepstar online in High Security space, and was erected after the destruction of the older Perimeter market hubs. Those hubs were owned by the I Choose You alliance who ran the markets offering lower sale and broker fees for all of New Eden.

When TEST removed the I Choose You structures and onlined their own, PH was hit in the wallet. It’s believed that they were receiving a major cut from all the broker fees, which helped fund their alliance. This is why efforts are being made by both PH and ICY shell corporations to set up and defend pop-up Azbels which are designed to undercut the broker fees of TEST and siphon off the ISK flow from the TTT.

Since the start of the year, TEST has killed a total of 11 Azbels in the Forge Region, all bar one owned by corporations with fewer than 5 members. Each carried the same basic design: a market service at least with some fittings for PVP. The goal is to online an Azbel and a market hub and undercuts enough fees from TEST to pay for the structure and then profit from the rest.

Today a joint force from PH and NC have launched an attack on the TTT to remove its shields. TEST has responded with their local force to help defend the Keepstar. The fight lasted over four hours, and looks to be one of the most costly for both sides at the time an early BR showing 42 billion ISK lost so far.

This is an ongoing story and INN will aim to update as it develops.

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  • Reality Check

    I might have to log in to watch this. I haven’t seen a war play out in highsec before.

    January 28, 2019 at 7:55 PM
    • Guilford Australis Reality Check

      Yes, the Keepstar battles I’ve been part of have been – as a rule – miserable TIDI-filled slug-fests. It’s hard to imagine such a thing unfolding without supercapitals as the defining factor.

      January 29, 2019 at 12:15 AM
  • DickDastardly

    The ICY’s were 0.5% the first of the Perimeter Azbels were 0% and more recent ones 0.1%.

    So if PH are making ISK from them it’s WAY less than they were previously getting and there wasn’t 4 bill in Azbel getting blown up each week before. As a seller, unless you’re selling items that go within a week it’s annoying as they keep going off line and getting blown up so you have to keep moving items and setting orders up again.

    The people who are really benefiting from this are the PLEX traders as the PLEX market moves from Azbel to Azbel as they go offline and a new one pops up.

    There doesn’t seem to be too many other items sold in the Azbels and very few buy orders for anything.

    January 29, 2019 at 2:40 AM