PAPI’s Retreat Daily Report: Day 8


Art by Major Sniper.

INN is reporting daily on the Imperium’s reconquest of Delve, Querious, Fountain, and Period Basis. Not included in the reporting at this time is Lowsec and Highsec ganking.

The Imperium continues to reinforce structures across Delve, Querious, Fountain, and Period Basis to stop unanchoring timers. In addition, many structures are being destroyed on a daily basis.

Pending PAPI Structure Timers (as of 01:30 EVE, August 10)
20 Astrahus
58 Fortizars
7 Keepstars

Engineering Facilities:
16 Azbels
31 Raitarus
12 Sotiyos

103 Athanors
21 Tataras

Day 8: Monday, August 9

The Imperium continued the reconquest, with IHUBs falling in Querious, TCU destruction accelerating, and a large number of structure kills.

PAPI Jump Bridges Destroyed:

V-LEKM (Querious)


L3-I3K (Querious)
5V-BJI (Querious)
N-M1A3 (Querious)
8QT-H4 (Querious)
3-JCJT (Querious)
49-U6U (Querious)
M1BZ-2 (Querious)
4-GJT1 (Querious)
W-IIYI (Querious)
AO-N1P (Querious)
0-WT2D (Querious)
K-Z0V4 (Querious)
N2-OQG (Fountain)
L-MYU (Period Basis)
ZU-MS3 (Period Basis)
A number of IHUBs held by un-aligned alliances in Fountain were also taken.


6Q-R50 (Delve)
NOL-M9 (Delve)
T5ZI-S (Delve)
8-YNBE (“Fake” Querious)
B-7DFU (“Fake” Querious)
BX-VEX (“Fake” Querious)
E-VKJV (“Fake” Querious)
QY1E-N (“Fake” Querious)
YQX-7U (“Fake” Querioius)
T8H-66 (Querious)
9O-ORX (Fountain)
IGE-RI (Fountain)
JGOW-Y (Fountain)
KCT-0A (Fountain)
OW-TPO (Fountain)
RE-C26 (Fountain)

Notable PAPI Losses:

1 Supercarrier (34.54 billion) (Delve)
1 Carrier (6.23 billion) (Delve)
1 Jump Freighter (12.2 billion) (Khanid)
1 Sotiyo (32.34 billion) (Delve)
6 Fortizars (85.26 billion) (Delve, Querious)
4 Raitarus (+1 additional non-PAPI aligned in Fountain) (Delve)
16 Athanors (+4 additional non-PAPI aligned in Fountain) (Delve, Querioius)
2 Astrahus (5.02 billion) (Delve, Querious)
24 POCOs (Delve)

We will be bringing you future updates on a daily basis until the Imperium has completed the reclamation.

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