PAPI’s Retreat Daily Report: Day 10


Header art by Major Sniper.

INN is reporting daily on the Imperium’s reconquest of Delve, Querious, Fountain, and Period Basis. Not included in the reporting at this time is Lowsec and Highsec ganking.

The Imperium continues to reinforce structures across Delve, Querious, Fountain, and Period Basis to stop unanchoring timers. In addition, many structures are being destroyed on a daily basis.

No update on pending timers is available today.


In by far the costliest day of the retreat to date, PAPI lost approximately 1.5 trillion in assets, mostly in citadels. In a sign of the hastiness of PAPI’s retreat, the vast majority of the citadels being lost are cored, and the Imperium is recovering the cores. These cores represent a direct transfer of wealth from PAPI to the Imperium and directly contribute to the Imperium’s rebuilding efforts. Had the retreat been more orderly and well-planned, these structures might have been unanchored in the weeks before August 2.

Imperium sov efforts declined today, counterbalanced by the increased focused on structures. Multiple IHUB timers were passed by the Imperium while Siberian Squads took several in Querious.

For the first time since the retreat began, Ansiblex Jump Gates were not part of the Imperium’s target tally, an indicator of PAPI’s almost total absence from the regions they held just ten days ago.

PAPI Jump Bridges Destroyed:



Q2-N6W (Querious)
P4-3TJ (Querious)
60M-TG (Querious)
9ES-SI (Querious)
UQY-IK (Querious)
L-6W1J (Querious)
9-HM04 (Querious)
RF-CN3 (Querious)
RR-D05 (Catch)
4-07MU (Catch)


I-E3TG (Delve)
M2-XFE (Delve)
Q-HESZ (Delve)
ZXB-VC (Delve)
3-JCJT (Querious)
3D5K-R (Querious)
4-GJT1 (Querious)
49-U6U (Querious)
5V-BJI (Querious)
AO-N1P (Querious)
DG-L7S (Querious)
ES-Q0W (Querious)
F-NXLQ (Querious)
H74-B0 (Querious)
L3-I3K (Querious)
M1BZ-2 (Querious)
N-M1A3 (Querious)
NU4-2G (Querious)
W-IIYI (Querious)
ZXJ-71 (Querious)
FAT-6P (Catch)
0SUF-3 (Paragon Soul) (All Paragon Soul TCUs taken by VINDICTIVE)
2I-520 (Paragon Soul)
G-M4GK (Paragon Soul)
G1D0-G (Paragon Soul)
GQ2S-8 (Paragon Soul)
KU3-BB (Paragon Soul)
O-97ZG (Paragon Soul)
O1Q-P1 (Paragon Soul)

Notable PAPI Losses:

2 Keepstars (406.63 billion) (Delve)
20 Fortizars (303.26 billion) (Delve, Querious)
6 Astrahus (Delve)
2 Sotiyos (157.99 billion) (Delve, Period Basis)
13 Raitarus (Delve, Querious)
3 Azbels (25.94 billion) (Delve, Querious)
5 Tataras (Delve, Querious, Period Basis)
30 Athanors (Delve, Querious, Fountain)
23 POCOs (Delve, Querious)
3 Titans (256.59 billion) (Lost by FRT to Snuffed and V0LTA in Otsasai)
3 Supercarriers (78.5 billion) (2 lost by FRT in Otsasai, 1 lost in Catch to Dreadbomb.’s beacon)
4 Carriers (24.28 billion) (Catch; the Dreadbomb. beacon provides)
16 Dreadnoughts (Catch, Otsasai) (14 lost by FRT in the throwdown with Snuffed and V0LTA. 2 lost to the Catch beacon)
2 Force Auxiliaries (9.08 billion) (Catch; the beacon provides)

We will be bringing you future updates on a daily basis until the Imperium has completed the reclamation.

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