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Hidden Imperium Forces: Moomin Amatin Interview

Miracle zizo 2019-07-08

In EVE Online, Fleet Commanders face a difficult challenge in ensuring their fleets forces are safe and adequately prepared for Player-versus-Player (PvP) operations. Every time an FC undocks their fleet, there is some uncertainty regarding the nature of future threats…

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Layers of Fear 2 Game Review

Merc Thanatos 2019-07-07

Synopsis Filled with surprises and tricks around every corner, Layers of Fear 2 is a unique horror game. It feels familiar enough to the original, but with enough changes to make it better and unique. When I was first told…

1 Eve Online

Horde Eyes TKE While NC. Moves to Malpais

mistwarden 2019-07-07

A town hall meeting was held on July 6 by Pandemic Horde leader Gobbins to outline move operations, as well as details about a new restructuring. INN was handed a copy of the recording. In short, the following three major…

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Recorded Media Taskforce brings you a paean to Drifters

Paramemetic 2019-07-06

While the Drifters bring us pain, Minitru’s Recorded Media Taskforce brings you paeans, this time to Drifters and CCP itself. With the Drifter threat now changing the very landscape of the game itself in the removal of local chat, there…

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Breaking News: CCP Signals Silence in Null Sec Space

Paramemetic 2019-07-05

In an in-character Scope dispatch earlier today, CCP has signaled the likely end of local chat in nullsec space. Citing a shortage of the resources needed to maintain the “Fluid Router FTL” communications network, CCP announced a “reduction in bandwidth…

6 Eve Online

Imperium vs PanFam: A Week of War – Part 6

Moomin Amatin 2019-07-05

Welcome to the sixth and final installment in the Week of War between the Imperium vs PanFam. You can catch up with the previous weeks reports by clicking the links, part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 and part…

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Minitru’s Recorded Media Taskforce brings you “Feeling Goon”

Paramemetic 2019-07-03

The Drifter invasion has forced the war engines of the Imperium to focus on marignally less sentient targets, and a lot of people are sad about it.  As the second year of Imperium helldunk season comes to a close, our…

20 Eve Online

Drifter Onslaught—What We Know, What We Think, What We’ve Heard

Bill McDonough 2019-07-01

On Wednesday, June 26, Drifter forces began attacking capsuleer structures all over New Eden’s null-sec regions. The sudden assault came as a surprise (though some have claimed ‘I totally knew it was coming’), and reinforced or destroyed structures from Esoteria…

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Tribute’s Caribbean of Independents

Ketriaava 2019-07-01

With the major Imperium offensive having passed through Tribute and moved into Vale of the Silent prior to the Drifter Offensive, much of the sov has remained unclaimed as Imperium entities have stated a lack of intent to remain in…

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Drifter Invasion: Nullsec Response

Rhivre 2019-06-29

During a Fireside chat on June 29, The Mittani announced that during the day, an escalation in Drifter activities in nullsec had been observed, with increased spawns from those seen the previous days. The Imperium had 170 structures attacked by…

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Nullsec Burns as Drifters Attack

Miracle zizo 2019-06-28

Who are these Drifters? Drifters, a mysterious invading faction, first entered New Eden in early YC117 (2015). Capsuleers began to engage them after their assassination of the Amarr Empress, Jamyl I. They continued to attack different regions of empire space,…

38 Eve Online

Breaking: ‘Boot.ini/Monocle Level Fuck Up’—Imperium to Reposition to Delve in Response to Drifter Attacks

Bill McDonough 2019-06-27

In a ping sent out minutes ago on Jabber, Goonswarm alliance leader the Mittani announced that the Imperium will cut short their campaign against the Pandemic Family of alliances (PanFam). This move comes in response to the sudden and unabating…

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BREAKING: Drifters Attacking Player Structures

Jin'taan 2019-06-26

Q-O in Delve was under attack just minutes ago by a force of what appears to be roughly 100 Drifter battleship, attempting to reinforce the Keepstar in the system. This has been followed by reports from TEST space of similar…

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Introducing the new EVE Online Starter Pack

Rumi Mandragoran 2019-06-26

On June 25, CCP released a new Starter Pack DLC. Similar to the previous Starter Pack, it costs $5 and features several items that will be useful for new accounts or existing accounts that have yet to purchase a Starter…