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Space News Update: August 2017

Rhiannon Williams 2017-08-05

So this time space fans, we’re starting a bit closer to home as for all of you lucky people in the USA, you hopefully get to see a full Solar eclipse on the 21st August. As I’m sure you know,…

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Northern Coalition Supers and Titans Going Down as The Imperium Moves to Attack

Dan Cyr 2017-08-04

Not long after the much anticipated State of the Goonion and subsequent Imperium deployment to the North, the kills are pouring in. The Imperium’s strategy of holding their cards close to their chest appears to have paid off, as NC….

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The Casino War – Who said it was over?

Moomin Amatin 2017-08-04

The Beacons are Lit August 2 at 1900, a SOTG (State of the Goonion) was held. Anticipation and attendance were high as there has been a great deal of speculation about the intended target of The Imperium. SOTGs are a rare…

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The Albion Online Carrot Bubble

Caleb Ayrania 2017-08-04

A few weeks ago, Albion Online (AO) finally came out of a very long beta and is now live. The game is of special interest to INN readers due to the fact that Goons and a lot of EVE players have…

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EVE Online Devs Announce Structure Improvements For August Patch

Omar_al-Nakrar 2017-08-03

On August 3, CCP released a devblog detailing structure improvements that are set to be released August 15. These improvements will include balance updates for structure weapons along with updates to the user interface and greater access for fuelling.The weapons changes focus…

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Minitru and RMT Records Return!

Rhivre 2017-08-03

After what seems like an eternity, Goonswarm’s Ministry of Truth is back with a new release on RMT Records.  Coming just a day after the SOTG, and as The Imperium marches to war, hopefully, this is the first in a…

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EVE_NT ATXV Viewing Party Nottingham (UK)

Submission 2017-08-03

The action is hot and heavy going into the second weekend of ATXV. The competition could not be higher for a place in this year’s finals! Where else could be better to view it than with the team of volunteers…

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ALOD – The Rorqual Culling

Johnny Crowe 2017-08-02

Never not mine during a State of the Goonion. Why is it so quiet in Delve? Now must be the perfect time to get in some mining. Thousand plus people in Alliance Staging, more ore for me! At least that…

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State of the Goonion – Live

Rhivre 2017-08-02

The 2017 State of The Goonion address by The Mittani is being made at the moment over on INN Twitch. We will update you with key details as they come in. Dodkalm is playing the Soviet national anthem while we…

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Great White Buffalo – Our First Real Loss

Johnny Crowe 2017-08-02

Ratting can be a boring profession for those of us who aren’t in fancy carriers and supers. It’s essential to success and growth, who’s to argue, but sitting here ruining my standings with the Blood Raiders I get to thinking…

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Breaking News: Final Timer for Sotiyo In 8P9-BM

Omar_al-Nakrar 2017-08-01

On August 1, a Sotiyo engineering complex in 8P9-BM comes into its final timer at 19:30 UTC. The Sotiyo is owned by Sev3rance (-7-), a member of Provi Bloc. For the last two days, Pandemic Legion (PL) have been sending out…

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Alliance Tournament XV Summary and Highlights – Weekend 1

Zip Slings 2017-08-01

With the first weekend of Alliance Tournament XV in the books, we say farewell to 16 of our 64 teams, goodbye to one AT prize ship never to be seen again, and adios to several flagships. Day one, and day…

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Moon Mining: A Huge Blind Spot

Vulxanis Viceroy 2017-08-01

In CCP’s July Update, there was a number of encouraging updates and teasers. I was especially excited about the fact that CCP actually listened to the community regarding the Blood Raider Shipyard issue. They even said they planned on making…

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kiser horgan 2017-07-31

céad míle fáilte Or for those who don’t speak Gaeilge a hundred thousand welcomes! I’m here to talk to you about the player event known as EVE Dublin. EVE Dublin was first set up back in August 2015. The first…