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The Content Gap

FroggyStorm 2017-11-20

When you play a single player game you expect a certain amount of effort. There has to be at least the roots of a story present to give you a reason to exist and play in the first place. Heck,…

17 Eve Online

Guristas Sotiyo – Alamel Final Timer

Rhivre 2017-11-19

The Guristas Sotiyo in Alamel, Placid, comes into its final timer at 2120.  The Sotiyo, the first pirate one outside of nullsec, was reinforced by Initiative. last night. They lost only 2 of their armour Ravens to the NPCs. It…

17 Eve Online

Faction Sotiyos: Overpowered or Overcompensating?

JoeBarbarian 2017-11-17

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have heard about the pirate faction Sotiyos introduced to New Eden on May 9. Currently, two pirate factions have their own Sotiyo engineering complexes. These promise a number of riches, including faction…

9 Eve Online

Dev Post: Jump Fuel Use Changes

Erick Asmock 2017-11-16

CCP Fozzie released some information related to potential changes ear marked for the December patch. You can read the details in this dev post. CPP Fozzie has asked for feedback in three different forum threads. The main post thread will…

11 Eve Online

Alliance Profile: Goonswarm Federation

Hopeful Turtle 2017-11-16

Who are Goonswarm Federation? Goonswarm Federation is an alliance of about 34,000 people living in the Delve region of 0.0 space. Autocracy run by TheMittani and an attendant directorate, Goonswarm places a strong emphasis on providing services and opportunities to…

3 Eve Online

Phoenix Feathers: An interview with Tarkinius

JuriusDoctor 2017-11-15

In the last week I’ve been lucky to meet some very cool, very interesting people in the EVE community. They have come from every walk of life, every part of the world, and multiple mother languages. Everyone I have had…

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Curse Fortizar Battle, Part II: Combat and Chaos

Ketriaava 2017-11-14

Earlier today, a Fortizar belonging to Freedom Among the Stars entered the vulnerability timer for its Structure section in the system of XX9-WV, a system in Curse connecting the region to FAS-controlled sovereignty in Scalding Pass. Previously, the Fortizar’s Armor…

10 Eve Online

New Devblog: Alpha Skill Injectors Added to 2017 Alpha Changes

Ghost Negotiator 2017-11-14

CCP Games has released a new dev blog about their upcoming plans for Alpha clones. The new devblog dovetails with other recently announced changes to Alpha clones for EVE Online. Taken together, these will change the state of alpha clones in a…

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Ganking in EVE Online: Explained

Ghost Negotiator 2017-11-14

Killing other players in EVE Online is a common thing to do. This happens everywhere in the game, including High Security space. A lot of players do not understand how this is beneficial to the people doing it. Killing another…

13 Eve Online

Phoenix Down: Inside the FCON Failure Cascade

JuriusDoctor 2017-11-13

‘Failure Cascade.’ These might be the two most socially and psychologically frightening words in New Eden; they are either spoken as a whisper of despair or a roar of triumph. Almost a decade ago the Mittani wrote an article describing the…

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State of the Best Squad: Welp Squad October 2017 Edition

Havish Montak 2017-11-12

October Action The month of October has been eventful. Having kicked off the month with Strat Ops Welp Squad got back into the swing of things. The harassment of Test proved reasonably successful with a couple of orca and carrier…

3 Eve Online

The Drafting Table: Punisher

Robby Kasparic 2017-11-12

Welcome to the latest edition of The Drafting Table. This time a scrappy Amarr brawler takes center stage. With a name like Punisher, it has to be good. Backstory There is not much of a backstory unfortunately. I was playing…

8 Eve Online

October MER Released

FroggyStorm 2017-11-11

It is that time of the month again. Time for your healthy assistance of graph porn. The Monthly Economic Report is out! As expected it is another month of showing just what space occupancy focused living can produce. Delve has once…

1 Eve Online

Best of Us Organizes Veteran’s Day Roam This Weekend

Erick Asmock 2017-11-10

At the Eleventh Hour of the Eleventh Day of the Eleventh Month, the fighting ended. In the hours leading up to that moment, men up and down trench lines across the Western Front of what many called “The War to…