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Battle Report: Imperium Fleets Destroy Second Keepstar in Black Rise

Guilford Australis 2018-07-28

INN reported the destruction of a Shadow Cartel Keepstar in the lowsec system Aeschee two days ago, noting that the owners did not attempt to defend the Citadel. Today, Saturday July 28, Imperium forces achieved a similar victory, plowing over…

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Alliance Tournament XVI Kicks Off

Dirk Stetille 2018-07-28

The sixteenth EVE Online Alliance Tournament kicks off today, July 28. The coverage starts on CCP’s Twitch channel at 1345 UTC, and the first match due to commence at 1400 UTC. As expected, tension in the EVE tournament scene has…

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ALLIANCE TOURNAMENT XVI: Prizes and Rule Changes Announced

JokerGuy 2018-07-27

It’s tournament season once again, and this weekend, Alliance Tournament XVI begins. In a Dev Blog released on July 25, the full series of prizes were revealed, including a first look at the limited edition prize ships. Along with sizable…

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RMT Records Brings You “Mad Bros”

Paramemetic 2018-07-27

Everyone knows that feeling: you log into your favorite mining system, get ready to undock your rorqual, and oh no, a red in system. Isn’t that the same guy who was here yesterday? You come back in a few hours. He’s still…

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Imperial Legacy Dunks Shadow Cartel Keepstar in Aeschee

JMoravia 2018-07-27

The Imperium had been hyping it for days. Keepstar timer, 0030 on Friday. In the unassuming lowsec system of Aeschee, more than seven hundred pilots formed up from Goonswarm Federation alone, joined by hundreds more from Snuffed Out, The Bastion, The Initiative,…

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Northern forces break out from UALX-3

Paramemetic 2018-07-25

After nearly seven days of being subjected to a relentless hellcamp, Pandemic Legion, Winter Coalition, and TRUMPY extracted what appears to be the majority of their supercapital forces from UALX-3. The break-out occurred in the early hours around downtime on…

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PL Defends ZMV9-A Fortizar in 120B Fight

JMoravia 2018-07-24

In what must be a welcome change of pace from having their supercap fleet logon-trapped in UALX-3, Pandemic Legion forces have successfully defended a Fortizar in ZMV9-A from attacking forces of Legacy Coalition. PanFam’s attempts to extricate their supercaps by…

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Northern Titans, Supers destroyed by Snuffed Out

Paramemetic 2018-07-23

In a staggering defeat for the Northern forces today, Imperium member alliance Snuffed Out (BBC) destroyed nearly 450 billion ISK worth of materiel including three titans and three supercarriers. According to a report on Reddit, the Northern forces, primarily consisting of…

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CCP Falcon: Erebus, Rev inappropriately moved out of UALX

Rhom Achensa 2018-07-22

Senior Community Manager CCP Falcon confirmed on Reddit Sunday that a junior game manager moved a titan and dreadnought out of UALX-3 after inappropriate “stuck” tickets were filed. Pandemic Legion fleet commander Doomchinchilla had boasted on Twitter, praising CCP for moving…

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NCdot destroys friendly faction fortizars

Paramemetic 2018-07-22

As most eyes remain fixated on the Legacy hellcamp in UALX-3, action continues on the Western front as well. In a series of structure bashes on Saturday, July 22, NCdot saw off the final timer for three faction fortizars belonging…

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UALX-3: Four Days Later

Paramemetic 2018-07-22

It is now four days since Legacy’s first keepstar at UALX was destroyed in the largest capital engagement since the Battle of 9-4RP2 earlier this year. The battle, which lasted a little over 12 hours, ended when a node failure…

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UALX Keepstar Fight: A Footsoldier’s View

Savvy Kneel 2018-07-21

I’ve made a bit of a cottage industry here at INN writing about my experiences as a wide-eyed Eve newbee (see here, here, and here). Wednesday night was another “first” for me – a whole series of them, in fact….

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Dev Post: CCP Looking at Changes to Force Auxiliaries

Bill McDonough 2018-07-20

In a new dev post released to the EVE Online forums this week, CCP Rise unveiled plans for significant changes to the way Force Auxiliaries work. CCP and the CSM have agreed that the capital-scale remote assistance platforms are too…

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UALX-3 Battle Aftermath; Camping Operations in Effect

Ketriaava 2018-07-20

As cleanup begins following the colossal struggle at UALX-3, an intense camping operation has begun. Shortly before downtime during the battle, the UALX-3 node failed, kicking off all entities present on the server. The Eastern powers of NCPL, the Holy…