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16 Eve Online

How Not to Run a Corp: A Sub–Zero Story

D'nara Atreidis 2018-03-31

The vast cold expanses of New Eden are a galaxy filled with war, friendship, betrayal, and no shortage of floating corpses. The large empires, beset by problems on all sides, sit stagnant. Faced with relentless attacks from pirates and entities…

5 Eve Online

How I stole ‘The Hunt’

Rhom Achensa 2018-03-30

In just a couple of days, I managed to steal more than 300 million ISK from players enjoying the latest event, The Hunt. The idea came to me, like many great ideas, in the throes of boredom. My primary PVP…

3 Editorial

Imperium’s “Whalers” Hunt for Great Red Whales

Paramemetic 2018-03-29

When you’re peacefully mining or ratting deep in your own space, surrounded by friendlies watching intelligence channels and calling neutrals, it’s easy to feel almost safe in null sec. Surely, nothing big enough to threaten a Rorqual or Thanatos could…

1 A new era of goon meets User Submitted

A New Era of Goon Meets

Roudin 2018-03-28

Goonswarm Federation has been around for a long time. During that time, there have been numerous parties, events and meets where people have forged friends in life from relationships in Eve Online. With the Eve Online average player age being…

1 Eve Online

Providence-Catch border erupts in violence, 1 trillion ISK destroyed

Rhom Achensa 2018-03-27

In a somewhat pyrrhic victory for Pandemic Legion and Northern Coalition., the aggressors in Providence managed to save an Athanor in D-GTMI late on March 25. This has been hailed by them as a strategic victory, having saved a structure…

1 Eve Online

Pavlov’s Dragon

Asher 2018-03-26

Rewatching yourself FC EVE is pretty unimpressive. You get the sense of “is that it?” and “it seems like anyone could do this”. Most FCing is like hiring a plumber. You aren’t paying for him to turn a wrench and…

7 News

Breaking: Northern Forces suffer major losses in failed dreadbomb

Paramemetic 2018-03-25

As Pandemic Legion and Northern Coalition forces attempt to defend an Athanor in the Providence region system of D-GTMI, their forces have committed dreads to the field and begun clearing Test force auxiliaries from the system.  At the time of…

8 News

New Eden phenomenon: Mozg888vadim

Johnny Crowe 2018-03-25

“Thank you all for the support, and watching my streams, and bee happy!”—Vadim Like so many others in New Eden, few around the campfire had ever heard the name Vadim Kheruvimov. Saturday Night Swarm was up to their usual mischief when…

6 Eve Online

BREAKING: Titans Down in Pure Blind, Major Dreadbomb Takes a Toll

Ketriaava 2018-03-24

Early on March 24, several DARKNESS. titans were destroyed by a massive dreadbomb by various combined lowsec and southern forces in the Pure Blind system of ROIR-Y. The initial engagement that sparked the severe response was reported to have been…

6 News

Status update after the march release

mistwarden 2018-03-23

The March 20 release was not the smoothest one in recent years. It was plagued by everything from missing local chat (which appeared in wormholes!), corp members being in different instances of corp chat, fleet members showing as red in…

7 Eve Online

Contracts to be added to MER

Rhivre 2018-03-23

In all the kerfuffle over the Tuesday patch and server instability and bugs that have followed, it would be easy to miss something that happened this week. In a tweet on Feb 19, CCP Quant announced that contracts will be…

4 Bots in Elite Dangerous may be the game's largest threat Editorial

Botters may be the Biggest Threat to Elite Dangerous’ Galaxy

Paramemetic 2018-03-21

In the black recesses of deep space, a lone ship undocks, piloted not by a living player but by a script-driven bot. The veteran capsuleer may not be shocked by such a scene – it’s something we’ve been hearing about…

0 Eve Online

EVE Online: ‘March 1.1’ Release Patch Notes

Paramemetic 2018-03-20

After a turbulent patch day and numerous server issues, the March Release for EVE Online has finally arrived, and with it come substantial changes to several areas of gameplay, as detailed in the patch notes. Primary among these are changes…

6 News

“The Hunt” Patch Facing Critical Issues at Launch

Paramemetic 2018-03-20

The March 20th patch, named “The Hunt” along with the associated event, is facing considerable setbacks. While the actual content of the patch seem excellent and have engaged many players, the implementation seems to be leaving much to be desired….