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Paragon Soul hit by mass Entosis

mistwarden 2020-07-06

Shortly after the NIP ended between Legacy and the Imperium on July 5, Imperium forces descended on the region of Paragon Soul to set 35 entosis timers into action. In addition, 10 jump bridges, nine cyno beacons, and miscellaneous citadels were…

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Progodlegend SOTA: EVE is Dying

Robert Miller 2020-07-05

Test military commander Progodlegend (PGL) told his line members July 5 that the well known “EVE is dying” meme is “more convincing” today than it has been in the past. He said that “most people blame CCP” for this state…

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State of the Goonion – July 4 2020

Rhivre 2020-07-04

At 2230 on July 4, The Mittani gave a pre-war State of the Goonion (SOTG). This was in preparation for the Non-Invasion Pact (NIP) ending after TEST announced their intent to cancel it two weeks ago. The text of the…

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Interview: Carneros, of The Bastion

Seneca 2020-07-03

One of the biggest decisions for a player is what corporation to join, if they should make one for themselves, or if they should just stay in their default NPC corp. Some players come to EVE having been leaders of…

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Goons Survive and Thrive

Ban Syrin 2020-07-01

The war drums are beating. Shouts of ‘the end of Goons’ and ‘the birth of a new nullsec’ are heard across New Eden. The ruckus comes as a result of Legacy ending its three-year Non-Invasion Pact with the Imperium on…

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ProGodLegend: TEST Prepares for ‘War of Annihilation’

Robert Miller 2020-06-30

TEST Alliance Please Ignore (TEST) is preparing for “total war”. That is the position of ProGodLegend, Military Commander for TEST. The surprise admission came during a June 28 alliance ‘town hall’ meeting. During the same meeting, TEST claimed to have…

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Eve Echoes Final Beta Goes Live

Cassian Anders 2020-06-29

EVE Echoes final beta goes live July 1 at 08:00 UTC, according to a June 28 post from developer NetEase. A short Q&A with the developer detailed the list of supported devices as well as new features expected in the upcoming beta,…

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MER: May 2020 Released

Hai Ren 2020-06-29

CCP released the Monthly Economic Report (MER) for May 2020 on June 24. This may be the final report on a peacetime economy for some time, as the end of the Imperium-Legacy Non-Invasion Pact (NIP) set for July 5, carries…

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Quendan 2020-06-27

What’s up everyone! It is I, Quendan, on behalf of the writing team at INN, bringing you the June 27 Edition of INN Weekly Deals & Cool stuff. Captain Tutu had to take a step back, so instead I will…

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Triglavians in a Nutshell

Seneca 2020-06-27

People know about the Invasion of the Triglavians, but how much do they know about Trigs, other than they have huge ships and a passion for the number three? Like any story point in EVE Online, the lore is as heavy…

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Why Another Megawar Might be Coming to EVE Online

Jin'taan 2020-06-26

In the last few weeks there’s been an explosion of propaganda, dank memes, and general shitposting rocking the community, and all of it has centered around one theme – war between the Imperium and Legacy. So, today, we’re going to…

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Chappy’s Summoning

Submission 2020-06-25

Editors Note: This article comes to us from Adrian Vexier Life is an interesting experience. We sail through it, most of the time not thinking about its end. We consume its joys and sorrows, oblivious to its ultimate and implacable…

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Dual Downtime Extensions

Robert Miller 2020-06-23

CCP announced June 23 that back-to-back downtimes will be extended to “perform a range of database testing.” Downtime will be extended on Wednesday, June 24, and Thursday, June 25. The extension will likely add up to 30 minutes to each…

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Streaming Platform ‘Mixer’ Shutting Down

Ban Syrin 2020-06-23

Microsoft’s Twitch competitor, Mixer, has announced that they will be shutting down operations effective July 22 and will be encouraging current streaming partners to migrate to Facebook Gaming as the two tech giants deepen their relationship in the gaming space….