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CCP Introduces EVE Academy

Gwailar 2021-05-24

On May 20 CCP introduced a learning website for new players: EVE Academy. They call it “the ultimate beginner’s guide to EVE Online.” With content that provides a “tailored learning experience” for new players, EVE Academy offers information about new-player…

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World War Bee: Week 46

Ban Syrin 2021-05-24

Week 46 of World War Bee was on par with the sedate Week 45, with 20 total hostile actions reported. Delve and its environs were home to most of the action, although new areas of the Galaxy began to see…

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Praxis Drop: A Big Splash in Already Choppy Waters

VanPatton 2021-05-23

Eve Online has turned 18 this month and CCP has decided to celebrate! The event brings unique challenges and prizes, with mementos and everyone’s favorite – free stuff. One of these rewards is the free Praxis given to capsuleers. The…

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Battle Report: Brawl in the O-EIMK Trenches

Elthar Nox 2021-05-22

PAPI and the Imperium got down and dirty in a bloody Friday night brawl in the O-EIMK constellation. Legacy FC Progodlegend (PGL) pinged for a “Friday Fight Night” and was not disappointed, as the two warring coalitions traded over 300bn…

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Surf & Turf – For Those Special Occasions!

ArasAntollare 2021-05-21

Last time, I showed you how to grill the perfect steak. Today, we’ll add a little something special to make it perfect for birthdays, promotions, holidays, or even just a “Fuck it, it’s Saturday” meal. That something special comes from deep in the water, and our CCP overlords would call it Humar. In English, we call it… Lobster!

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The Knives are Not Coming Out, My Friends

Osir1s 2021-05-20

Far too often I see a common misconception among my fellow Goons; this recurring dream that, at some point, PAPI will turn in on itself and kill each other. I can only chalk it up to wishful thinking, as it…

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Great? Escape: CCP’s Nullification Changes Go Live

Bill McDonough 2021-05-18

On Tuesday, May 18, CCP pushed the ‘Great Escape’ patch live on Tranquility. Great Escape is the update containing the changes to Warp Core Stabilizers and Interdiction Nullification. After only six days of live testing on Singularity, the update saw…

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CCP Weekly Wrap-Up May 11-17 2021

Undeadenemy 2021-05-18

Nullification and Warp Core Stabilizers – Changes on Singularity The first changes in many years to interdiction nullification, and especially warp core stabilizers, is live on the test server. These changes involve converting nullification and Warp Core Stabilizers into active…

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Mobile Observatories: CCP Announces Cloaking Counter

Gwailar 2021-05-17

On May 17, CCP announced a new deployable designed to help counter AFK cloaky camping: Mobile Observatories. This announcement comes after a number of hints and teasers in previous interviews and devblogs. Mobile Observatories are a relatively inexpensive, easily-portable deployable…

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World War Bee Narratives Go Nuclear

Moomin Amatin 2021-05-17

Narratives are very important in internet spaceship wars, for they drive people to do things. With World War Bee we have seen both sides parade their respective narratives. Some seem to have aged better than others. Let’s take a look…

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World War Bee: Week 45

Ban Syrin 2021-05-17

Week 45 of World War Bee once again slowed down from Week 44, with 22 total reported hostile actions. Delve and its environs were home to most of the action, although new areas of the Galaxy began to see action from…

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PAPI’s O-EIMK Invasion Bombs at the Gate

Gwailar 2021-05-15

Friday, May 14 saw a day-long string of PAPI losses, bookended by two crushing bomb runs. At the end of the day, PAPI subcap losses topped 300 billion. Both bombing runs came from The Initiative., striking PAPI fleets as they…

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Warhammer: End Times—Vermintide II, The Chaos Wastes Review

Stitcher 2021-05-15

When I reviewed Outriders earlier this month, I was coming fresh into a new game that’s still very much in Early Access, unfinished and raw. This time, though, I’m reviewing a game I’m much more familiar with, to the tune…

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Great Escape: CCP Announces Nullification and Warp Stab Changes

Gwailar 2021-05-14

On May 12, CCP announced their next update: The Great Escape. This update brings changes to key tackle-defense options interdiction nullification and warp core stabilization. CCP also announced that the new modules planned as part of these changes are available…