Northern Fracture Continues: NCdot Resets Dead Coalition


Art by Redline XIII

Northern Coalition. (NCdot) will reset Dead Coalition/Guardians of the Galaxy. (DC or GotG) News of the reset came during a Dead Coalition State of the Galaxy Address by Sort Dragon. DeadCo streamed the SotG. INN’s Dabigredboat (DBRB) provided a simulcast and color commentary, from Legacy Coalition’s Tranquility Trade Tower in Perimeter, with Vily of TEST providing additional ‘play-by-play’.

During the SotG, Sort confirmed on-air that he knew about INN’s broadcast. At this, DBRB asked Sort directly about the rumor he’d heard regarding NCdot, prompting Sort Dragon’s confirmation response. Sort said he didn’t know whether the reset would lead to more fighting, but acknowledged that Dead Coalition’s USTZ will be significantly outnumbered.

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  • concerned whiteman

    To summarise as a former Northern grunt NC reasons for the reset and there failures .

    1 – They dont like the fact that Darkness who was about to be meatsheided like CO2 to the goons decided to make peace instead. Seeing them as weak from goon sig ops they decided to reset them to farm kills and claim there elite pvp status

    2- It is this **** carebears and elite pvp attitude is the reason they lost the war. At this point NC is a ping alliance and eve no longer rewards inactive ping alliances .

    Final point is why NC will loose all future wars with any entity that can achive critical mass with supers and caps

    3 – NC will never change and will farm darkness and try install new pets between them and the north, thus resulting in new meatsheilds . They do not realise it is now a game that rewards activity and critical mass of supers can create a rorqual save haven from which line members can farm and get rich to the point where they lost a super or titan o well it cost them the fit as they can mine a new one .

    October 28, 2018 at 7:16 PM
    • Guilford Australis concerned whiteman

      NC is showing the same failures and decline we’ve seen in the other “elite PVP” alliances, although they’ve managed to hang on longer than PL and MC. First, NC substituted a rental empire in place of real sov utilization, spurning the difficult work of building an industrial powerhouse in favor of easy rental ISK from weak and noncommittal smaller alliances that fail to keep their systems strong through consistent industry and military activities. These alliances, understandably, do not respond well to being “meatshielded” to their landlords’ enemies, and so they do not defend their sov or contribute to military operations in meaningful ways. Second, NC has demonstrated it will only commit its capital and supercap forces to staged battles with a high likelihood of success, which seems to be what “elite PVP” now means. This play-style, coupled with a weak model of sov utilization, puts NC in a very vulnerable position.

      To me, the contrast between GOTG and NC is that the former is merely weak (which can be fixed), whereas the latter is founded on a play-style that is in direct opposition to FozzieSov. “Elite PVP” credentials and an empire of ineffectual renters will not save NC from alliances and coalitions that have adapted better to the new meta of EVE.

      October 29, 2018 at 1:26 AM
  • Jerônimo Corrêa Collares

    Something I’ve learned – and I really like the Lady – never underestimate her. She’s a fantastic strategist.

    Niagara Femme

    November 3, 2018 at 3:05 AM
    • concerned whiteman Jerônimo Corrêa Collares

      she may be but the culture of NC is f*** carebears and pew 24.7. No desire to create a sustainable pve environment that could enable there line members to pick up activity and get rich. As such its still a ping alliance

      November 3, 2018 at 2:07 PM