On March 28, in the Aridia system of Pemsah, a 118B ISK Avatar belonging to Vaginela, previously a member of NC., exploded under heavy gunfire from LowSechnaya Sholupen, Infernal Octopus, and AXIOS.



The group found the titan pilot moving rather rapidly through systems nearby. -LSH- reported to TMC that they saw the titan jumping to cynos as many as three times within a thirty minute period. This set off alarms, and scouts/ships were put into place.

The Avatar was spotted in Yehaba where he self-destructed the cyno, but then warped out to a safe spot before cloaking. Using two more cyno characters belonging to Northern Coalition, he then jumped out to Isid, and lastly, to Pemsah.

Once in Pemsah, he pulled the same trick as before, killing off his cyno and attempting to warp off to a safe spot. However, this time he would fail, and as ships began landing on him with points, cynos went up. Dreadnoughts, supercarriers, two titans, BLOPs and even a Revenant were brought in to seal the deal for this Avatar. His nearly 4B ISK High-grade Slave pod was killed twelve jumps over in KFR-ZE. -LSH- stated that it was a very easy kill, and that they were very happy to catch him.

TMC will update this article as video becomes available.

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