It’s Federation Day!


Art by Major Sniper.

Liberty – Justice – Equality – the Tristan. Yes it’s Gallente Federation Day! CCP has announced the first celebration of the Foundations Quadrant, highlighting all of the central Empires of New Eden. Of course, they have started with the best.

For those non-lore types, the Gallente Federation is the home of space liberalism, great clothes, top tier spaceship design and drones aplenty.  The founding of the Federated Union of Gallente Prime occurred in 1702AR (23121AD), and this year celebrates its 238th anniversary. President Celes Aguard has announced a series of parades that will be the catalyst for celebrations across their space. Capsuleers have been encouraged to join in celebrations by launching fireworks around the parades. In addition, there has been an increase in all warp travel by 2AU per second across all Gallente systems.

Giving a press release to mark this occasion, Celes Aguard sternly proclaimed “Hundreds of worlds, billions of people, our strength is our diversity, our tolerance lends us unity. But cross us and swiftly find the steel beneath the velvet. Above all, know this my fellow citizens; our Federation is the light of liberty shining in the darkness.” Words surely to inspire friends and deter any nemesis to her people.

The FNS Obitus Erebus Class Titan leads the Alentene parade.

In addition, Gallente capsuleers have organised additional events that will take place on Sunday 20th of June in the capital system of Luminaire. Organized by Alain Colcer, the event will include a fireworks display, a “pimp my ship” competition, a federation pageant for the most beautiful citizens, and another attempt at the galaxy’s longest “conga line.” Prizes and frivolities guaranteed.

For capsuleers the event will see another enhancement of the Daily Login Campaigns, with skill points, clothing, a few SKINs for the Gallente Shuttle, and the galaxy’s favorite tubular ship – the Iteron V. Additionally, there are some limited releases to SKINs for the Nyx, Thanatos and Hecate – the Dos Rouvenor’s Bequest is a swanky mash of green, blue and red strips that will undoubtedly be highly sought after by super pilots from across New Eden. There are also special offers on the “Green Demon” SKIN range, including all four + 12months Omega for 5500 PLEX in the NES ingame.

Gallente style – so much swagger.

As for other activities, the Mining Blitz will continue around Gallente space with custom rewards available from the LP store. There will also be a special proving grounds 2v2v2 event limited to one x T1 Gallente cruiser (Vexor, Thorax & Celestis) and one x Gallente Assault Frigate (Enyo or Ishkur), so get your blasters overheated for this.

Following the initial announcement, CCP have also revealed the Federation Day Propaganda Contest. Pilots are encouraged to create a piece of art, song or video that celebrates the Gallente Federation. These pieces should focus on celebrating key events or people in the Federation, space or craft and even pieces that “denigrate” the enemies of the Gallente, namely the Caldari, Amarr or Serpentis. The rewards include a 1st prize of a Mixed Dimensions model of the winner’s choice.

This event marks the first of the empire’s celebrations during 2021 and capsuleers will hope to see CCP build on the Foundations Quadrant with tangible outputs. Daily Rewards, SKINs and gifts are truly the theme of the Federation, but as we approach the halfway point of the year large scale announcements on the scale of the Triglavian invasion haven’t materialized. Industry changes have been a punch to the thorax; Pochven is still largely unfinished, whilst the HAC meta still maintains its dominance in the great war of Nullsec. In addition, this capsuleer is disappointed not to see any love for the micro-vertical piece of art that is the Tristan – the best ship in New Eden.

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  • Guilford Australis

    From a lore standpoint, the Gallente are objectively the best race in EVE. They’re the only ones the game describes as loving freedom and welcoming outsiders.

    The Amarr are religious zealots and slavers, and also incredibly vain. Literally everything they make is gilded in gold. The Caldari are corporate cultists. The Minmatar are former slaves of the Amarr who still can’t get their lives together, and many of them (the Ammatar) even have Stockholm Syndrome and remain loyal to their former slavers.

    I agree the Tristan needs more love. But I think the most underappreciated Gallente ship is the Algos. Great bonuses, five turrets, AND it can field a full flight of light drones. (It also doesn’t look like crap, unlike most of our hulls).

    June 17, 2021 at 11:59 AM
    • Algos destroyer underappreciated? I must disagree, that is the only EVE ship that has 3 pairs of balls 😉

      June 17, 2021 at 3:03 PM