Interview: The Hidden Leaf Village Ninja Assassin Squad


On October 29th, the Ushra’Khan alliance seized control of Amamake, a key border system for both Minmatar and Amarr militias operating on the frontiers of New Eden. It’s a major victory for Ushra’Khan, and a complete reversal of the events of July 2022.

In July, Ushra’Khan diplomat Xaar announced with a heavy heart that, despite high confidence and a months-long battle, Amamake had been conquered by Amarr forces, which had been cooperating with local pirates—specifically, the Hidden Leaf Village Ninja Assassin Squad. In fact, the Hidden Leaf Village played such a large role in the July fall of Amamake that they were singled out by Ushra’Khan as a major factor in their defeat. 

This pirate alliance consists mostly of a corporation called The Congregation, which described itself this way in a 2019 recruitment post:

We’ll fight outnumbered, and are not afraid to ship down to make fights interesting. We have talented FCs at both fleet and skirmish gang levels…We’ll rather fight the blob than join it. We do not krab…[or] form up for hours only to stand down without undocking. We form; we fight – simple as that.

I reached out to the leader of the Hidden Leaf Village, Titan Ofc, to get his perspective on the alliance’s activities and its role in the faction warfare in Essin, Hed, Jayai, and constellations beyond. 

The Big Picture

INN: Overall, what is your impression of the current state of conflict (challenges, advantages, opportunities, threats)?

Titan: Well, that is a difficult question. I would say the whole faction war is stale—it repeats itself. I hope with the upcoming update it changes to a more fluid and dynamic playstyle. In [the recent] war we had the advantage of covering both EU and US time zones—the Hidden Leaf covered most of the EU Time Zone and Local is Primary (the Amarr Faction War alliance) covered the US time zone. 

…I am glad that we were able to prove Minmatar wrong by taking Amamake, Auga and Dal. They were telling us that we would never be able to take the systems from them…[it was] time to prove them wrong and so we did. In [that] war the Hidden Leaf was the threat!

INN: What role did the Hidden Leaf Village play in the most recent Siege of Amamake? Why do you think the system fell so quickly?

Titan: After we helped Amarr milita to seize [Amamake in July], we ceased cooperation in that regard—we even unblued after. As for the [October] Siege of Amamake, we were not involved in any form.

If you ask me why they lost Amamake, [it’s because] while they are strong in US time zones, they are practically weak to non-existent in EU time zones. That is one factor, I believe. The second one is related to the first one: they lack a strong EU timezone fleet commander.

INN: What maxims, philosophies, or guidelines do you and your allies keep in mind when looking at the ongoing conflict?

Titan: [There] are none, to be honest. Just pick the best suitable ship, undock, slide into the plex and fight, simple as that. On that front we are simple-minded. 


Source/Description: YouTube link provided by Titan Ofc, depiction of Congregation combat ops

INN: What sets you or your alliance apart from other corps/alliances in New Eden?

Titan: Everything, I believe. It’s hard to describe. The whole corp culture is unique. We lose and feed, we win and [pwn], such is life. One thing that did never change and I think will never, is that we see our ships as pixels, as bytes. Through this mindset we are able to take fights where others who would stay docked. 

We have this saying in the corp: “Imagine caring for the Killboard in 2022”, and I think that is the biggest motivator for us to take fights. Of course, there are also the people in the corp. Without flattering anyone there, they are the best and I am glad that I have met a few of them in Vienna this year. 

Key Moments & People

INN: In your mind, what have been the key moments of the past 3-4 months?

Titan: Well, so many things happened in the past 3-4 months. Dock Workers left the area, Miroitem Fort destroyed by us, Train Wreck and SC working together, we working with Amarr  against Minmatar. Like I said, so much happening in Low Sec. 

If you are interested, we had recently a fight first against Snuff and then against our mortal Enemies (laugh) SC.

Source/Description: YouTube link provided by Titan Ofc, depiction of Congregation combat ops

INN: Tell me about a couple of your proudest victories or hardest losses over the past 3-4 months, and what made them so memorable.

Titan: There are so many things going on here in Low Sec, but our proudest victory so far was fighting overwhelming SC numbers (see YouTube video below).

Source/Description: YouTube link provided by Titan Ofc, depiction of Congregation combat ops

As for our most memorable loss, we did poke the “Russian Bear” in the Molden Heath Region. For context, our CEO and FC Baltrom had the brilliant idea to ram us into like 150 angry Russians and we liked the idea. So basically we jumped laughing into the wood chipper. It was funny, to be honest.

INN: Tell me about some of the people that have made a major impact in the past 3-4 months.

Titan: Absolutely everyone! Everyone in the corp did equally [well] to achieve our set goal. I don’t know a single pilot who did not give his 100% and beyond. But credit where credit is due, big shoutout to our FC Baltrom, who is not afraid to take impossible fights, Director Dreaded Vengeance, who entertains us on Friday evenings, [and] Sho Doing, our legendary tackler….

The Art of War

INN: What strategies have you and your allies been employing, and what are your prime objectives at this point? 

Titan: [From] what I remember, it vastly changed [depending on] which plex we fought, but mostly it was hit-and run-tactics and also a lot of brawling. For objectives, it was crystal: push Minmatar out of the plexes and don’t let them plex.

INN: What tactics have proven most fruitful for you and your allies? What enemy tactics or ships have you been struggling against?

Titan: Like I said, hit and run tactics and also brawling were kinda the things we did. As for enemy tactics, well, Mimatar did kinda employ the same tactics to a lesser degree against us and you know, we didn’t like it obviously, but that is all part of the game.

INN: What ships and fits have served you well, and what ships/fits have you been experimenting with?

Titan: To be honest, we had a couple of fits we were experimenting with, [but] of course it needed refinement. At [that] point the Amarr militia came into play—they helped us a little bit out with some of their fits. What we mostly flew were brawley scram Punishers. I personally liked to fly Federal Navy Comets, Caldari Navy Hookbills, or kite-y Imperial Navy Slicers. 

Speaking to New Eden

INN: Please tell me your corp or alliance’s vision for the future.

Titan: (Laugh) It is obvious, right? Get content, PVP in Low Sec, win some, lose some, feed hard but make the enemy feed harder.

INN: What would you like to say to your enemies?

Titan: Everyone can get fucked, if you’re not with us, you will be feeding to us.

INN: What kind of capsuleers do you need most right now?

Titan: Okay this is kinda of a meme, but anyone with a Dread/Fax are welcome. Jokes aside, everyone is welcome with the right attitude, [as long as they] can dual box a subcap and a cap (Dread/Fax) and willing to go knee-deep into -10.


After this conversation, it became clear that the Hidden Leaf Village Ninja Assassin Squad is in New Eden for one reason alone: the joyful shedding of blood. And like the ancient saying, they care not from whence the blood flows—Minmatar militias, null-sec alliances, or their own pilots. This fits well with their apparent slogan, which is a quote from Ernest Hemingway:

There is no hunting like the hunting of man, and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never care for anything else thereafter.

Despite the havoc they cause in the frontiers, where well-established militias fight for god or freedom, it is difficult not to admire the cavalierness and unabashed bloodthirst of The Hidden Leaf Village, which charges head-long into battles regardless of victory, guided by the belief that a glorious battle is more than enough reason to throw away their ships and clones.

Indeed—in New Eden, there are few opponents more terrifying than that.

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