INN ‘Streamer of the Month’ Kick Off

Robert Miller 2018-09-21

Imperium News Network is debuting a ‘Streamer of the Month’ program to “help streamers reach their goals,” according to INN Streaming Director LifeshifterX. “We are looking for streamers who actively stream their own channels to work towards their Twitch Partnership. We want to help inspire them to reach their dreams and goals, and to help any way we can along the way. It’s our way of giving that streamer a boost, and to spotlight their talents to the community who chose them.”

Streamers will be chosen via a straw poll each month. Results will be shared across all INN social media outlets and automatically in the network’s Twitch channels to encourage users to vote. At the end of each calendar month a winner will be chosen and rewards handed out. Speaking to prospective streamers, LifeshifterX explained, “We want to make sure you as the streamer are always taken care of and your hard work is recognized. Even if it’s something like a host, or a free game to review and keep, or even just a day to learn from others.” 

INN has dramatically increased its live coverage in EVE over the past year, most notably with January’s 9-4 Keepstar fight and the battles leading up to the final timer. Those broadcasts “really showed what we could do and how we want to present to all audiences,” LifeshifterX explained. He pointed to INN’s recent addition of FatBee_TV, which reflects the organization’s and its streamers’ interest to expand coverage outside of EVE into other games.

“We’ll continue to drive coverage on live broadcasts to cover the larger fights in EVE Online and provide our following and the general populace of EVE as best we can, ” LifeshifterX added. “We’ll also continue looking for cameramen and commentators for coverage going forward to provide the best experience we can. We’ll definitely try and cover as much of what would interest both the EVE communities and outside of EVE communities via Variety gaming broadcasts with FatBee_TV.”

Along with that expanded coverage INN intends to “bring more casual and outside-of-the-box” programming such as Station Trading with Roedyn and Theory Crafting with SicWizard, along with the normal fleet shenanigans with DaBigRedBoat. LifeshifterX said INN enjoys bringing everything they can for its viewers.

When the Streamer of the month is chosen, he/she will receive one month of priority hosting from ImperiumNews and FatBee_TV (when SOTM is offline hosting continues to host others as normal), a “Streamer Spotlight” featured article on Imperium News that includes promotion of the streamer’s channel / brand.

To be eligible contestants must have at least one consistent, weekly stream on one of the Imperium News Network channels, ImperiumNews or FatBee_TV, and consistently stream on their own Twitch channel.

Users can vote now on the first round of Streamers Spotlight for October HERE 

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