INN Stream Team Expands to Mixer


The INN Stream Team has successfully sought the continued growth of our team, to bring new audiences for our streamers who broadcast a wide range of content, from our talk shows, to EVE Online, to RPGs, and many other genres!

With these continued victories, we have been looking at Mixer and finding the right tools for supporting our streamers and audience on this growing platform. Mixer’s dedication to community and being a place where streamers and viewers are more protected means we’re confident in expanding our streamers program in this direction, and will continue to bring a wide range content to our audiences with familiar faces such as DaBigRedBoat, Zaenis Desef, Lizzie Fox, and many others!

What about Twitch? What does this mean going forward?

While this change seems different from other things the team has done, we’re still committed to bringing content via Twitch through our Channels ImperiumNews and FatBee_TV. We’re expanding our team and providing content from a new generation of streamers wanting to provide a more community feel reach a new audience for all of our creators!

Shows and Streamers moving to Mixer from Twitch

And with more coming soon!

The rest of the team and talk shows are currently staying where they are on Twitch. You can always check out our schedule and find all the latest times displayed in your own timezone for all of your favorite shows and streamers!

Finally, you can check out all the content directly on INN’s Channels below:

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  • Scott Wilson

    Were you being censored? Most of the folks abandoning youtube and twitch were dealing with very childish censorship issues from both infantile platforms.

    August 12, 2019 at 11:04 AM
    • RuneShiftGaming Scott Wilson

      Nope not at all, We are looking to expand the team to another platform

      August 12, 2019 at 4:26 PM