Circle-of-Two supers evac to lowsec


When over thirty Titans move, it’s a marker of either a major operation or a watershed defeat. CO2, who have been in a conflict for the past few weeks with the combined forces of the Pandemic Family, appear to have broken under the strain of keeping Tribute and have started evacuating their supercapital assets to the lowsec system of Aunenen. It appears as if they are abandoning their Keepstar in M-OOE8, removing assets at a high rate.

boatINN streamer and Imperium bomber FC Dabigredboat was on site.  he could be seen on INN’s twitch account at

Look for a detailed report on the Tribute War and these events in the days to follow.


Updated – now closed

  Bringing this to a close

M-OEE8 local is now clearing. That’s it for the fights today. With this, we are bringing this live blog to a close and retreat from the newsroom to our cozy space-offices to get to work on bringing you all the juicy details and background.

Co2’s Machariel fleet has taken severe losses from being tackled in lowsec.

Tidi in M-OOE8 hit 60%

NC.’s citadel is now safely onlined and ready to accept the attacking forces.

Watch the tally of the battle kept on zKillboard

The Horde is joining the party. Horde are joining the party with their own citadel to unleash a zergrush from.

 – PL has errected their siege camp. NC.’s is 12 minutes out. In the meantime, Co2 have undocked a 100-strong Machariel fleet from the Keepstar.

  Siege camps are about to be erected. Both a PL. and a NC. ‘Asshouse’ citadel are about to online within the next five minutes. They are located right next to the Keepstar and will likely house the capital-sized battering rams that will be required to bring the last system of Tribute down to its knees.

  Boat Bombs Away! Boat is on location with his bomber fleet..


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