Imperium Clears Delve Incursion in Record Time


When Incursions appear in low and null-security space, they beef up the rats in occupied systems by activating system-wide cynosural jammers, making some logistic routes impossible. This results in ops to clear them as quickly as possible so life can return to normal. Even when clearing the incursion is a priority for an alliance, it can still take days to do so. The Imperium managed to clear an incursion in close to record time for low/null-sec incursions.

The Delve Incursion

A Sansha incursion was established in the B4H-9W constellation at 2345 EVE time. The boss site spawned at 0315 in the headquarters system and was cleared 30 minutes later at 0345 according to Dotlan. Reports by those involved indicate the incursion was cleared in three hours forty-four minutes.

The Citadel release modified incursion sites in low/null-sec, allowing capital ships to access the sites. Incursions in low/null space have 50% greater payouts, a greater number of pilots allowed in-site, and the ability to bring capitals, making them very lucrative…Yet also difficult and dangerous to travel towards.

“Warp time definitely isn’t fun with the [super capital ships], you’re looking at 45s downtime between sites in a lot of cases,” said Fleet Commander Makeshift, “but the extra DPS they push out to literally everything makes them worth it.”

Rats will “shoot drones and fighters,” said FC Makeshift, “but our rule is to not use the fighters MWD unless they’re being shot, then you can quickly fly them back to you to stop them being shot before any die. However, some bad pilots still lose some, which is why we offer SRP on T1 heavy fighters [but not light fighters]”

The Kundalini Manifest

The Imperium ran a combination of supers, titans, faxes, and sub-capitals in four separate fleets: 2 headquarters and 2 assault.

The four fleets, for the most part, were uneventful according to FC Makeshift, who said “we didn’t lose anything big; we lost a Megathron on a gate to an enemy fleet [from bad timing] and a Bhaalgorn in the first site ran [due to bad luck], which we SRP’d.”

The final site, The Kundalini Manifest, was completed in three minutes. A typical time to clear the site is upwards of fifteen minutes, but thanks to the capitals, the damage done by the site was able to be ignored and the site could be “blitzed” at record-breaking speeds.

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  • Jan Koxsos Kopecky

    Would it not be better to farm the incursions for a bit?
    Null payouts combined with capital dps would seem worth the effort.

    January 12, 2018 at 8:54 AM
    • not when its in an area you dont want it to be

      January 12, 2018 at 9:07 AM
    • Only if it’s in an area that doesn’t mess up logistics. You don’t want your jump points/primary drop off/pickup locations to get cynojammed by an incursion.

      January 12, 2018 at 10:49 AM