The Greatest Talk Shows Every Week: INN Videos for the Weekend of 28 Jan 2017


Another weekend gone and another set of awesome shows for you to catch up on on INN!

Special guest including Carneros, Corrin Mor, Dirk StruansDunk Dinkle, El-Bee Leblanc, ERJ145, Jin’taan, Noobman, OpusMagnum, Rahne, Seleene, Silicon Buddha, Thel Ancora and Tiberius Stargazer alongside the usual hosts of your favourite shows!

Topics discussed include: The CSM Summit, the War in the South, player generations, player skillsets (not the training queue ones!), RL Politics, the intricacies of highsec ganking
and of course the announcement of the next Burn Jita! You can find out a little more information on this upcoming Burn Jita event as well as past ones in this INN article by Stephanie Daughtery.

Check out our talk shows below or on our Youtube Channel, and don’t forget to subscribe to know the moment they’re uploaded!


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