The Greatest Talk Shows Every Week: INN Lineup for the weekend of 25 MAR 2017


We’re coming at you again with a plethora of awesome talk shows for you this weekend! Please be aware some of them have changed time due to the Daylight Saving Time changes in the US over the past few weeks. Come check us out!


Open Comms Show – 01:00 UTC

Dreydan Trovirr, Dirk MacGirk and the Open Comms crew discuss the latest drama and goings on surrounding EVE Online including the upcoming new Moon Mining mechanics alongside CSM members Sullen Decimus, Jin’taan, The Judge and Whiskey Gaming host Erick Asmock! Open Comms won’t just let drama happen without discussing it like only they can!

Talking in Stations + optional Aftershow – 15:00 UTC

Join Matterall with special guests CCP Fozzie alongside Carneros (formerly CCP Zinfandel), Dirk MacGirk and Apothne in talking about Eve Online and the changes being planned for Moon Mining!

The Undead Zone – 19:00 UTC

Erick Asmock and MacCloud run through the weeks events in H1Z1 and 7 Days to Die including some KOTK gameplay.

The Meta Show – 20:00 UTC

Dabigredboat and Guests bring you all the goings on in Eve Online.

The Whisky Gaming Show – 19:00 UTC Sunday

Join Erick Asmock and guests in talking all things Gaming and Geek related.


If you haven’t had the opportunity to watch the previous weekends worth of talk shows then catch them on our Youtube Channel or below. Don’t forget to subscribe!


Open Comms Show – 17 MAR 2017


Talking in Stations – 18 MAR 2017


The Meta Show –  18 MAR 2017


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