Goodbye 32-Bit Client


CCP has retired EVE’s 32-bit game client effective Wednesday, February 26. This marks the “deprecation” of the now outdated client that served the player base since 2003. The move was first mentioned in 2005 and more recently outlined in January when CCP added that there would be an increase of the client’s usable memory specs to 4GB, as well as a storage space increase to 23GB.

January’s post also noted that CCP’s “data shows a small number of users were … still running a 32-bit operating system.”

This is in line with other statistics for 64- versus 32-bit users at large, where the most common gaming platform for Steam users in 2019 was 64-bit Windows 10 making up 76.23% of total users. CCP explained that the change to 64-bit would also “reduce the development time associated with maintaining two clients, while allowing further investment into the technical infrastructure of EVE Online.”

What does this mean for the majority of EVE’s player base? Going by CCP’s January post, or the statistics linked above, it’s probably business as usual. However, if you do experience problems with the 64-bit client report bugs using this form.

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  • Carvj94

    If Steams hardware survey is anything to go by 32 bit Windows 7 and 10 is currently used by around 0.9% of gamers.

    February 29, 2020 at 7:25 AM