It is a sad day when a close friend passes away. It’s something that brings friends and family together to commemorate the life of the recently deceased. The EVE community is no exception to this, and while it may not be possible to pay respects in person, remebering and honoring the fallen is still possible through ways you not expect.

It was with this intent that Sleeper Social Club set out to honor their fallen friend Sto Lo. Sto Lo was for many years the CEO of his own corporation, The Corporation of Noble Sentiments, a PVP-focused roaming corporation, where Sto Lo encouraged an environment of having fun and enjoying the game. While the corp ran for a good amount of time, it eventually split off into two main corps, Future Corps and Repercussus, with many of the old corpmates staying in contact with each other. Sadly, Sto Lo went on to develop complications with his liver, and passed away on October 12, 2015,

Rhavas, a member of Sleeper Social Club, and close friends to Sto Lo, has posted an in-depth chronicle of Sto Lo’s time in New Eden on his blog Interstellar Privateer.

With many in Sleeper Social Club remebering Sto Lo from their time in The Corporation of Noble Sentiments, it was decided that a fleet of armor battleships would be formed for the sole purpose of remebering Sto Lo through his favorite pasttime: roaming the spacelines of New Eden. Sleeper Social Club FC James Arget then set course to the system of Tama, with a fleet size swelling to 60 members. However, the fleet never made it to Tama proper, with Project.Mayhem, a Caldari low-sec alliance, meeting them in the system of Kedama.

At this point, Sleeper Social Club brought in 6 triage Archons, and the fight began in earnest. With both sides heavily engaged against each other, the Archons from Sleeper Social Club began to be eaten through by the raw power of 40 auto cannon Machariels.

Suddenly, Snuffed Out, another local alliance, also appeared on grid, bringing in their own Machariel fleet and 3 additional triage carriers of their own. However, the Guardians from Project.Mayhem continued to hold up their fleet, and after a short period, both Snuffed Out and the Memorial roam withdrew from the field.

Logi PoV

Logi PoV of Sleeper Social Club

When the dust settled, the fight in Kedama totaled almost 47 billion in damages, and the battle report can be found here. 

While the circumstances of the event had their roots in a tragic event, it is heartwarming to find that the EVE Online community can come together to honor those no longer with us in ways uniquely their own.

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