EVE_NT Tournament Finals Coming Up

Rhivre 2017-03-18

EVE_NT’s 3rd Tournament season is coming to a close with the finals of the 2nd EVE_NT Championship Minor League finishing this weekend (Sunday, March 19) and the final of the Major League final on Sunday, March 26!
All matches can be watched on the EVE_NT Twitch from 19:00 EVE Time each Sunday.

The final two weekends will have special guest commentators, CCP Fozzie and CCP Antiquarian.

In celebration of the conclusion of these championships, CCP is releasing a set of limited availability SKINS from the Interstellar Gaming Commision for the Cormorant, Caracal, and Drake! These SKINS will only be available between March 21 and April 4.

For those who have not seen the tournaments before, here are the rules and the upcoming schedule along with the league table.

What to watch for this weekend

As it stands right now, the only thing that’s certain is that Exodunks will be promoted to the Major League next season.  They currently sit top of the Minor League with 18 total points coming from an impressive streak of three back-to-back domination wins – including a domination win over the previous leaders, Sudden Otters.  This week, they have only one match against the current third place team who is also on a strong win streak: Nasty Boyz.  Nasty Boyz and Exodunks last met in the EVE_NT Cup Finals – where Nasty Boyz beat the favorites Exodunks.  To win, Nasty Boyz need not only to beat Exodunks, but to beat them convincingly.  To do so, they need a domination victory over Exodunks AND a domination victory over their first opponent: Make Amarr Great Again (currently tied for fifth).  In fact, the league table is so tight that if Nasty Boyz can get a win – any one of FOUR TEAMS could potentially take the top spot.

For the first two weeks, Sudden Otters seemed downright unstoppable.  With their off-meta picks, Nika Noiser’s team threw opposing captains off their drafts and dominated two of their first three matches.  Then Week Three hit:  With the targets on their backs, the Sudden Otters stumbled with two straight losses – uncharacteristic for the seasoned pilots.  Sudden Otters will be up against two teams currently tied for fifth place: Make Amarr Great Again and Templis.  Sudden Otters need only one domination victory, but they need the Nasty Boyz to get nasty on Exodunks and force a loss if they want the top spot.  

The top spot is not all that is up for grabs, though.  The top four teams get promoted to the Major Leagues next season – where they will compete against the crème de la crème for even better payouts.  The bottom four teams, though, will have to earn their spot in the minors through the EVE_NT Cup – a single elimination, open tournament.  Anything can happen in single elimination, so teams are wise to try and avoid it.

Sudden Otters, Nasty Boyz and Offline currently sit in 2nd to 4th place separated by just ONE point and only two games left to play. The relegation zone is packed tight, with one point separating spots five through seven.  Make Amarr Great Again have their work cut out for them; they have the toughest schedule remaining.  Templis (currently sixth) and Power Ducks (currently seventh) have an easier path ahead of them, but their paths converge in the fifth match of the day.  The winner of that match is likely to be promoted, while the loser will almost certainly face relegation.  

Fates will be decided and nearly everything is up in the air.  Nasty Boyz vs Exodunks (Match #6) and Power Ducks vs Templis (Match #5) have the biggest implications for the league – but EVERY match is a potential decider.
Head over to EveNTs Twitch channel to find out who will reign supreme this weekend!


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