Eve online Black Friday, buy now sell later event


What has been tipped to be the hottest and most anticipated Black Friday sale in New Eden is here. CCP presents the ‘BUY now SELL later’ event, featuring PLEX and whatever else you have lying about your hanger. So, how does it work?


From now until 1100 UTC on Tuesday December 3, you can save yourself 15% on some PLEX packages with free skins provided with certain packages. The costs are as follows:

1,100 PLEX for £28.89/€33.88/$33.99
2,860 PLEX and Dramiel skin for £72.24/€84.99/$84.99
7430 PLEX, Dramiel and two Rattlesnake skins for £180.62/€212.49/$212.49
15,400 PLEX, Dramiel, two Rattlesnakes, a Vindicator and a Ragnarok skin £361.24/€424.99/$424.99

There’s also a huge collection of much-loved skins on sale at up to 50% off in the New Eden Store, and the NES sale runs until downtime (~1100 UTC) on December 3, so be sure to check that out.


But wait, surely this is just a #SPONSORED ad for CCP, telling us how we can all go line up and buy PLEX and enjoy cool skins? Well, you’re wrong. There’s something new this weekend as well, which qualifies as curious enough for me to get this past my editors, and that is the Black Friday New Eden tax haven.

The tax haven event comes into force from downtime (~1100 UTC) on Friday November 29, and ends at downtime on Monday December 2. The event is a slashing of your sales tax rates, and depending on your accounting skill level, you should see a reduction in sales tax:

Level 0: 2.5%
Level 1: 2.225%
Level 2: 1.95%
Level 3: 1.675%
Level 4: 1.4%
Level 5: 1.125%

This reduction affects all items, not just PLEX, so if you’re hoarding vast wealth and looking for the right time to sell, this weekend may turn out to be that moment.

Is this the Black Friday you’ve been looking for, or what you feel like we deserve? How do you feel about skins being tacked on to PLEX packages as an added value? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Figures I just liquidated over a billion in random old loot less than a day before the tax break. Fuck.

    December 1, 2019 at 9:01 PM
  • Also who the fuck would buy $400 of in-game money for a game where nothing happens?

    December 1, 2019 at 9:01 PM