The Draken Speaks: NC. War Update


Earlier today, an alliance address was released by NCdot leader Vince Draken, outlining the state of the current NC/Panfam vs Circle-of-TEST war. The text was soon leaked to reddit as well:

Since it’s been so long without an update or SOTA I’m going to split this one in to a few parts. Firstly I want to give Nituspar and the AT boys their proper shout out for an incredible AT run this year. While it was hard for me to sit on the sidelines and just watch, it was also one of my most proud moments leading this alliance. You guys deserved first, and in my heart you got it. We’re all very proud of your performance and you really made us shine. We will be the alliance to watch again next year and this time around with some spoils of our own to utilize. The rewards from the AT have now all been received and i will be handing those over to Nituspar to hand out appropriately. For the effort and commitment given by Nitus we will be gifting him one Ravisu and the alliance will be retaining the two remaining Ravisu and one Caedes. The rest of the prizes PLEX/BLOOD RAIDER SKINS & 120 Billion ISK will be split between the rest of the AT team. We will also be giving DHB Whildcat one Caedes to replace the Cambion he lost during the AT.

The last Caedes i am going to arrange a Christmas raffle meaning someone in Northern Coalition will have the opportunity to own such a unique ship for just 30 million ISK further details on this will be released at the end of November.


Much has happened since our last update and we now find ourselves surprisingly knee deep in a campaign in our former home of Tribute. Circle Of Test have done a really great job of showing everyone how a defensive war should be fought maybe the Imperium should take notes? This campaign for us was very important given the new “Fozzie Sov System” and our lack of understanding with the imperium not putting up a fight we had a lot to learn to allow us to terrorize others in the future. That being said we have now been going for about 6-8 weeks and initially made slow progress and found ourselves being punched in the face. After dusting ourselves off and taking a look in the mirror we got our swag back and with the help of our allies have started to wear away at Circle Of Test. We have continued to make steady progress and are now pushing towards M-0 with that in mind the stakes are high for Circle of Test and people need to now realize this isn’t a “JOKE” campaign these alliances have tried to shame us publicly and went out of their way to piss us off while trying to have some time out in 93PI. So we are going up a gear and that requires you all to do the same.

PL has last weekend committed to getting involved after some down time during the AT and their FC team taking a break after WWB this means naturally with the two single most powerful alliances in the game are now working together in campaign mode which isn’t a pretty sight if you are on the receiving end.

The Forecast

We are going into grind mode and will be burning everything down around M-0 which will be left until last and should provide some great content and possibly one of the biggest battles year to date and we get to be balls deep in the middle of once again. This is where you all come in i have been pushing people to start taking things seriously from a leadership point of view and i have now also dedicated some time myself to get this shit done. That means i expect 100% from everyone else too.Fleets will be regular and long over the next few weeks leading up to Christmas and its cold as fuck outside so its a perfect time to be in this position. It does also mean Circle of Test are in a similar position. So expect large hostile numbers going forward as we isolate the heart of C02.

The Negative

As the end of 2016 starts to approach us we have some tough decisions to make internally and as such i will be doing a review of all of the data we have collected during this campaign and having some hard conversations with corp CEOs & Directors. Are you a corp with only 1/2 people in fleet in your prime time zone, your corp is going to be recycled in one of two ways you will be asked to leave NC. or merge into a more active corp which in turn should provide for better entertainment anyway considering being the only guy or girl in corp chat cant be all that fun! In my position i am sure you can all understand its about keeping the machine working and when we allow people to rot from the inside it has a negative effect on the rest of the alliance but also stops us recruiting new corps as i have no interest in just adding corps for the sake of it while we have dead ones in the alliance. I don’t think i need to say any more on this issue if you are not logging in and supporting both your own corp and the alliance you have no place here. Think to yourself do you fit into this category? I will be contacting those effected by this directly to discuss their options.

The positive

As of writing this post i am pleased to announce the arrival of a new corp to NC. ironically called “Nameless.” They are a new corp formed after a number of members of the HAX Corporation left and joined this corp and various other corps and alliances around Eve. They have been WH based for a period of time and are now looking to get back into the big bad world of TIDI and nullsec politics (dont ask me why) with that in mind a big warm welcome to Jarack and his boys i look forward to working with you all.

Doctrine Updates

Off grid bonus are now a thing of the past and we find ourselves in a fortunate position where our large skill point back bone benefits us for a change as bonus ships are skill intensive and cant just sit afk on a POS grid or in a safe and they actually require your attention and good piloting. The fits can be found in this forum thread https://forum.ncdot….-ship-fittings/Fits are subject to change as we go.

Capital ships continue to be the main thing i want EVERYONE to focus on. Everyone in NC. needs to have a FAX as a minimum and we should now start looking at trading Dreads for Combat carriers and keeping Dreads to Alts or corps having a LARGE cache of them to be used by members. Titans & Supercarriers also remain a priority and if you have one i am sure you will agree they are a fun thing to own and we more than any other alliance in the game put them in danger on a daily basis. Got the ISK go buy one! Avatar/Erebus/Nyx/Aeons only please sorry shield guys.


Mumble is here and we are well on our way to understanding the mechanics of using it and so far its been a really positive change from a Fleet organization point of view. everyone needs to make sure they can get on there and if you have any issues please contact a member of our IT Team.


This for me over the last 2-3 months with a surge of people wanting to be in NC. has been a fucking nightmare for two reasons some of you have nothing better to do and some of you are think as pig shit. We have guide lines in place for yours and the alliances benefit. Getting upset because someone has shit on a application on your corp forum is both childish and to be frank im bored of it. To clarify if you are VOUCHING for someone this means if they are shit or proven with REASONABLE doubt to be a spy your ass is on the line. Second to that is how can you vouch for someone if you don’t fucking know them? Its this simple if you have not flown with the person before and spent time in a corp/alliance with them or played other games with them online you should not be vouching. Them spending 10 minutes in your recruitment channel kissing your ass doesn’t warrant a vouch. For those of you who do this please have a look a refresh your brain with being a “vouch” https://en.oxforddic…efinition/vouch

Since we have that all cleared up i am going to lower the required TWO vouches to ONE on the understanding that the person vouching needs to post in said persons recruitment thread and also confirm why you are vouching for them. Expect me to come down on you like a fucking ton of bricks if you cant follow this simple guidance. I am not interested in Alpha Clones send them to horde and expect to be asked questions if these people you are wanting to bring into our community have not killed another pilot in eve for two years and have no previous experience they can evidence.

Sov Holding

We will be shortly dropping any sovereignty held by NC. in any region that isn’t tribute we are not a long term sov holding alliance and when we do hold it that must be a benefit to us as an alliance. Do not get attached to it.


This weekend is important and as such you all need to be here and you can find the details below;


I would like to tank everyone who has this far helped the FCs on a daily basis by just showing up and allowing us to provide you all with the content we all enjoy in Eve Online.


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  • Rhivre

    Looks like the war might finally be heating up 🙂

    November 18, 2016 at 8:12 PM
  • David Matterall

    I should just come here for News on my Alliance. It’s better than our forums.

    November 18, 2016 at 8:12 PM
  • Duramora

    HMMM- COT on one side, NC./Pl on the other. Who to shoot first??? Decisions, Decisions….

    I know! I’ll just bomb everyone and have a blast! 😀

    November 18, 2016 at 9:06 PM
  • Syd Syko

    I think Vince needs a reminder of whom it was that booted his ass out of Tribute in the first place, and how not to lose a war “cause falcon alt”.

    November 19, 2016 at 10:32 PM