Devblog: Rupture Redesign

Rauski Koraka 2017-06-22

In a new devblog posted on Jun 21, CCP Pointy Bits of Team TriLambda revealed the next redesigned hull coming to New Eden. This time around, the iconic Rupture class Minmatar Cruiser hull is getting hit with the redesign stick. Along with the Rupture, the ships based off the Rupture hull are also getting a redesign plus a few unique touches for each variant.


Bumps in the Road

Since the Rupture is the base for all of the other variants, it’s hull design was the first primary focus. CCP Pointy Bits began focusing on the history of the ship to itself before beginning to draft up ideas.  Team TriLambda were looking for a design that would speak to existing players who already love the look of the Rupture and intrigue new players that have never seen the ship before. From early player input it was clear that some of the major features of the ship, such as the aggressive wedge shape and vertical presence, would need to remain no matter what. However, other design features were completely open to designer interpretation.

After playing with some different generic design ideas the team started to shape what they wanted the new Rupture to look like. There were some bumps in the road to the final design. The team initially had trouble redefining the basic shapes of the Rupture without losing some of the subtle angles that made the original hull iconic. There was concern about the design coming out too square and bulky. They eventually came to a solution that satisfied their concerns by adding angles to gun-ports to exaggerate the inverted pyramid of the ship as a whole.

What is “Minmatar”?

With all ship designs in Eve Online it is important for them to have design traits that reflect their racial background. The ships in Eve are the most personal interaction that players have with the four races, and ship design needs to support the lore surrounding them. The Minmatar in particular have some of the richest lore in the game surrounding their origins. However, some of the  Minmatar ship design does not support the lore as strongly as it should.

Take a moment to think about the geometry that defines Amarr ship design. The ships for the most part look mean. Large sweeping curves that come to aggressive points hold a overwhelming presence on Amarr ships. They look ruthless like the Amarr themselves, as they should. Now think about the Gallente. Their ships are defined by bulky bulbous shapes where hard angles are found few and far between. They appear defensive and cunning like the forward thinkers that fly them.

Now, think about the shapes that define both the Minmatar and Caldari. Both races use simple angular polygons like squares and rectangles as the basis of their ship design. CCP Pointy Bits pointed out that the lines between the geometry of the Caldari and Minmatar ships can be blurred. This makes these rounds of ship redesigns the perfect opportunity to better define the Minmatar ships. Team TriLambda has come up with the philosophy that Minmatar needs to be bulkier, but make it clear through exposed structural scaffolding that a lot of that extra bulk is empty space. This will make Minmatar feel more like the thrown together rust buckets that they were meant to be without losing their aggressive stature.  The Rupture is also becoming more angular to support it’s overall shape and become more aesthetically pleasing.

Rupture Overview

The Rupture overall keeps its basic iconic shape, however gains a lot of new angular geometry and bulk. It also gains new structural features such as scaffolding to help set it apart from other ships in New Eden. New gun turret warp animations can also be seen in some of the images released in the devblog. It is definitely an aesthetic improvement, but is without a doubt still a Rupture.

The new Rupture basic model with some detailing sketchwork.
Credit: CCP


The Rupture has three different variations to go along with the Tech one hull. There is the Muninn, the Broadsword, and the Mimir.  Obviously, all three variants are based on the new design. However, each one has it’s own special identifying features.


The Muninn is one of the two Minmatar Heavy Assault Cruisers. It’s hull is based on the Rupture, and as of now it doesn’t really have any distinctive features from the standard Tech one hull, just a re-skinned version. However, with the redesign it is getting some of its own unique structures. The Muninn hull is getting a giant bayonet-like structure that shoots right out of the front. The bridge of this ship had to be moved further down slightly to make room for the new structure, but I think it looks really cool.


The Broadsword is the Minmatar Heavy Interdiction Cruiser. Again, the current version of this ship is just a re-skinned version of the Rupture. However, the new version is going to put the “Heavy” in “Heavy Interdiction Cruiser”.  The Broadswoad is getting tons of new armor plating and animations to match it’s tanking capabilities. It is also getting two aggressive “tusks” that serve to channel warp disruption fields.

The Broadsword: Beefy, with tusks.
Credit: CCP


Unknown to some, the Rupture has a special edition faction Heavy Assault Cruiser variant that was given out as the Alliance Tournament VII prize. This ship is going to use the updated Muninn hull with it’s giant bayonet-like structure out in front, plus a pair of Brutor sails that are characteristic of Alliance Tournament ships. A neat upgrade to the lucky few that own them.

Firewall Breach SKINs

With the introduction of these redesigned hulls, Minmatar pilots are also getting a new Firewall Breach skin to celebrate Tribal Liberation day.


The redesigned Rupture, Rupture variants, and Firewall Breach SKINs are set to come out in the July release. If you want want to see them beforehand just check them out on Singularity. Make sure to report and bugs/other feedback to CCP, and keep looking forward to the July release!

Don’t worry, pirate-fans, she’s still got her lovely raked transom!
Credit: CCP



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  • Terminator025

    Now if only the chimera redesign wasn’t complete dogshit…

    June 22, 2017 at 1:37 pm
  • Arrendis

    I am really looking forward to getting these in-game. I may have to pick up a Broadsword ahead of the patch just to play with it.

    Hmmm… wonder how much a Mimir costs these days…

    June 22, 2017 at 3:52 pm
    • Rauski Koraka Arrendis

      It’s above my pay grade! That’s for sure!

      June 22, 2017 at 4:23 pm
  • I’ve been bitter about a lot of their reimaginings, but this one actually looks great! They finally have succeeded in preserving the original character of a ship while adding polygons. Hopefully the warp animations aren’t too convoluted– IMHO the animations on most new ships just seem stupid and over-the-top.

    June 23, 2017 at 1:20 am
  • Rishian

    Still looks like a space nail gun to me

    June 25, 2017 at 4:46 pm