Dead Coalition Moves Into Tenal


In the early hours of June 1, Dead Coalition began an operation that saw the widespread losses of NCdot and PL iHubs in the Tenal region by downtime. The assault impacted two waves of constellations: the TJ10-O, X-FHU3, and E-72A3 constellations were first up, and these systems were lost. A second set of constellations were attacked and put into their initial reinforcement timer: M-J57M, GFE-SS, and 9P57-V.

The attacking forces of Dead Coalition moved in with the intention of purging and taking over these areas, placing down their own iHubs and reinforcing the remaining iHubs for a second wave of entosis operations. DeadCo formed 800 members for these attacks, with Ranger Regiment impressing everyone by providing a full half of the assault fleet members.

This news comes as Rate My Ticks rental corporations are reportedly moving out of the region to be placed inside Malpais. With the 1st of the month traditionally being the day rent comes due and new contracts are issued under the PanFam model, we are expecting to see a shake-up of where rental corporations are holding space, and indeed what systems are available to new tenants.

We spoke to Sort Dragon, Dead Coalition’s executor, who told us that 21 iHubs were vulnerable to destruction today without a defensive showing from NCdot. As a result of this, the structures in the systems have been turned over to DeadCo by the renters. Ranger Regiment, a prominent alliance within DeadCo and provided the bulk of the assault forces, will be the alliance that will be taking over the responsibility of defending Tenal.

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  • Moomin Amatin

    It is almost as if PanFam attacking the group who paid for them to have peace was a mistake, Who in PanFam knew that back stabbing would end up like this?

    Oh well I am sure that PanFam will easily reclaim Tenal just as easily as they invaded Branch ;-).

    June 2, 2019 at 12:51 PM