CSM15 Election Results


The results of the CSM15 Election are in! Despite an abbreviated campaign and voting season this year, players cast over 36,000 votes in this year’s election.

The winners are:

  • Brisc Rubal—The Initiative.
  • Gobbins—Pandemic Horde
  • Innominate—Goonswarm Federation
  • Kenneth Feld—Pandemic Legion
  • Maria Taylor—Fraternity
  • Merkelchan—Goonswarm Federation
  • Mike Azariah—The Scope
  • Phantomite—Same Great Taste
  • Torvald Uruz—Abyssal Lurkers
  • Vily—TEST Alliance Please Ignore

Many of these individuals, like Merkelchen, Gobbins, Innominate, and Vily, are well-known to most readers. However, a few others may not be.

Phantimote and Torvald both hail from Lowsec, with varying degrees of experience in null. Phantomite is more focused on conflict drivers, returning complexity to EVE, and capital rebalance, and has written on these topics during campaign season. Torvald brings more awareness of PvE/Abyssal gameplay, Industry, and a focus on restoring the Alliance Tournament.

Mike Azariah is a perennial CSM candidate, alternate, and member in varying years, and is a longstanding advocate for high-sec issues and game balance. Kenneth Feld is a PL industrialist and Logistician with a decade of experience in the game.

Maria Taylor is Fraternity’s first CSM member, and the first CSM from the Chinese Community in EVE Online. In addition, she’s an IT developer and in-game market trader who intends to try to bridge the communications gap that so often can arise between the Chinese community and other groups on TQ.

Oh yeah, and Brisc got on, too. Guess his son can’t go play Minecraft with his friends just yet.

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